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MentorcliQ is an employee mentoring platform for small to medium size businesses and global enterprises. It is available as a cloud-based system as well as iOS and Android mobile applications. MentorcliQ helps organizations design...Read more about MentorcliQ


Qooper is an easy-to-use and configurable mentoring software that grows mentorship programs to drive careers, skills, and inclusion - at scale. Used by 300+ organizations, Qooper streamlines mentorship programs with design, smart ...Read more about Qooper


PushFar's cloud-based mentoring platform offers a way for organizations to streamline mentoring programmes and schemes, with complete flexibility. The data-fuelled and customizable mentor matching rules helps both individuals and ...Read more about PushFar

Together Mentoring

Together is a cloud-based mentorship management solution that helps users to set up and administer a mentorship program. It helps businesses to automate the mentorship program workflow including registration, scheduling meetings, ...Read more about Together Mentoring

Ten Thousand Coffees (10KC)

10KC is the only all in one platform for inclusive mentoring, connectivity, and skills development that drives better employee engagement and retention. Organizations rely on 10KC to build, manage, scale, and measure all of their ...Read more about Ten Thousand Coffees (10KC)


Rehearsal is a coaching platform that employs video and audio-based tools to help learners improve their communication skills and prove their proficiency in a given area. The platform's asynchronous training enables mentors and le...Read more about Rehearsal

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Quenza is a mental health solution designed to help healthcare professionals, therapists and counselors create and send personalized exercise routines to clients. Utilizing the drag-and-drop interface, businesses can add texts, vi...Read more about Quenza

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Wisdom Share

Wisdom Share offers cloud-based mentoring solutions for large enterprises such as educational institutes, government agencies and the military, nonprofits and professional associations. The solution provides features such as a mat...Read more about Wisdom Share

4.6 (5 reviews)

Innovative Mentoring

Innovative Mentoring Software is a cloud-based mentoring management solution designed for youth-mentoring organizations. It offers mentor application, screening, matching, messaging and reporting functionalities. Innovative M...Read more about Innovative Mentoring


MentorLead is a cloud-based mentorship management solution designed for midsize and large companies. The platform offers leadership development tools, onboarding, collaboration tools and training functionalities within a suite. ...Read more about MentorLead

5.0 (3 reviews)

sfG MentorNet

Based and supported in the UK, sfG MentorNet is an online mentoring software that helps universities, charities and businesses, to build and run an engaging and effective mentoring program. The software allows users to self-regist...Read more about sfG MentorNet


Graduway is a cloud-based platform allowing schools, universities, nonprofits and corporates to break departmental silos and work together to build powerful virtual networks that cater for the full constituent lifecycle - from pro...Read more about Graduway

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Insala Mentoring

MentoringTalent is a cloud-based mentoring solution that enables human resources professionals to match mentors with mentees, create learning paths, facilitate communication and analyze the performance of mentorship programs. The ...Read more about Insala Mentoring

4.5 (2 reviews)


How It Works Matching Self-directed (mentees can search for a mentor) and admin matching (the program administrator can make matches on behalf of their members). Mentoring Relationships Send messages with file attachments, book ...Read more about MentorCity

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MentoringComplete is a web-based business mentoring solution that assists firms of all sizes with precision matching and knowledge sharing. Its key features include mobile compatibility, auto matching, recruitment, keyword search,...Read more about MentoringComplete


If you are still using Excel to manage your mentoring program, MentorEase can help you. It's a simple online tool with minimal frills that does the job you need - automating the mentor-mentee matching process with basic communicat...Read more about MentorEase

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**Mentornity: Empowering Every Organization with Effective Mentoring** Mentornity is your go-to solution for building and managing successful mentoring programs tailored to meet the needs of various groups such as employees, alum...Read more about Mentornity

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Art of Mentoring

Our mentoring software is a cloud based application and is ready to deploy quickly. your custom program is prebuilt with resources, landing pages, profile applications, surveys etc, so you simply modify the content to match your p...Read more about Art of Mentoring

Coaching Loft

If you're a coach, mentor or manager who coaches others, you know how important it is to have a powerful, easy-to-use tool to help you manage your coaching practice. Introducing Coaching Loft—an intuitive and engaging software th...Read more about Coaching Loft


Crafted for Alumni-Relations and fundraising teams to boost engagement with streamlined programs. Know your community better with data, elevate their experience from connection to donation, and foster a sense of community with an...Read more about Almabase

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Buyers Guide

Last Updated: March 16, 2023

Mentorship programs involve more than just providing resources to support mentoring activities and tracking mentee goal progression. These programs also include time-consuming, repetitive administrative tasks, such as managing mentee applications, mentor-mentee matching, feedback acquisition, and performance tracking. Colleges, universities, and corporations can utilize mentoring software to address such pain points and streamline daily administrative processes.

In this buyers guide, we will cover the definition of mentoring software, in addition to its common features, benefits, and purchasing considerations.

In this guide, we'll cover:

What is mentoring software?

Mentoring software helps corporations, universities, and other youth organizations streamline the administration of their mentoring programs. The platform aids organizations to enroll and onboard new program participants, schedule mentoring appointments, track mentees’ progress and evaluate mentor programs, among other things.

Mentoring platforms also help match mentees with the mentor or coach to help them achieve their goals by utilizing self-matching, admin-led matching, and automated matching techniques based on a mentee’s skills or interests.

Common features of mentoring software

Mentor/coach matching

Pair mentors and mentees through artificial intelligence matching, self-matching, admin-led matching, or automatically based on skills, interests, and personal preferences.

Mentoring program management

Set up and manage all aspects of mentoring programs, including registration, mentor-mentee pairing, curriculum, and activity reporting.

Action item tracking

Track the status of mentees’ tasks to ensure they are optimally progressing towards goals.

Appointment scheduling

Book mentoring appointments via an easy-to-update calendar to ensure mentors are available to provide sessions.

Content library

Store resources, such as mentoring handbooks, manuals, and curriculum in an easily shareable, centralized repository to support mentorship activities.

Enrollment and onboarding

Manage incoming mentee applications and the enrollment and onboarding of new members. Customize mentee enrollment forms to suit the program’s needs.

Goal management

Allows mentors to set achievable goals for their mentees and track mentee achievements as the program progresses.

Participant profiles

Personalize mentor profiles by uploading photos and key information, such as their job roles, skills, interests, qualifications, languages spoken, etc.

Program evaluation

Collect mentee feedback through surveys. Analyze mentee goal-tracking data to evaluate the effectiveness of mentoring projects and programs.

Benefits of mentoring software

  • Improves participant engagement: Successful mentoring programs ensure enrolled employees have a better chance of reaching their set goals over the course of their program. Mentoring software often offers an easily accessible content library, action item tracking, and goal management tracking tools to help mentees stay engaged in their mentorship program. Mentoring platforms allow organizations to automatically send out surveys to mentees that help determine how the programs can be adjusted to suit mentees’ interests.

  • Streamlines administrative workflows: Mentoring programs typically involve a lot of administrative work, such as accepting mentee applications, enrolling mentees in mentorship programs, and matching mentees with suitable mentors. With mentoring software, users can efficiently manage participant enrollment and onboarding by tracking all submitted applications and forms in a centralized platform. Most mentoring software offer AI matching services that use a sophisticated algorithm to recommend the best mentor for mentees based on their interest, skill sets, and future goals. Such features simplify administrative work, leaving organizations more time to focus on other important business aspects.

  • Cost efficiency: Mentoring software vendors often withhold the actual cost of their product offerings on company websites. This can be frustrating for organizations looking for the best budget-friendly mentoring software. Besides considering the software’s license cost, it is important to check the one-time fees for application setup, data migration, technical support, and training that may significantly increase the amount of your initial payment. You should also consider what packages your software vendor offers to decrease initial costs.

Key considerations for purchasing mentoring software

  • Communication software integration options: The success of a mentoring program is heavily dependent upon effective mentee-mentor communication. Hence, users should check if their chosen mentoring software offers a variety of communication software integration options, such as email, video call, and chat. These integrations help ensure mentors can effectively touch base with their mentees throughout the mentoring process.

  • Mobile accessibility: Mentors that do not have the luxury of being desk-bound for the entirety of the workday significantly benefit from mobile mentoring software, as it allows them to fulfill their mentoring duties on the go. Mentoring software that features a mobile application ensures mentors and mentees can remotely access mentoring resources and track mentee goal progression.

  • Branding and design features: If brand uniformity is important to your company, consider purchasing mentoring software that allows you to customize the dashboard and other design features. The chosen software should allow you to pick a desirable color scheme, import your brand logo, and update the application’s homepage with customized text that helps to align the mentoring software aligns with the company’s brand design.


Products evaluated for the pricing calculation were taken from Software Advice’s mentoring software directory, sorted by number of reviews. The pricing ranges exclude freemium versions of the products. The features highlighted were identified based on their relevance and the percentage of products in Software Advice’s directory that offer them.