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ClickShare Conference

ClickShare Conference is a wireless conferencing solution designed to help businesses share content with colleagues across multiple remote locations to facilitate collaboration. Key features include presentation streaming, screen ...Read more about ClickShare Conference


Ninety is a cloud-based entrepreneurial operating system (EOS) designed to help businesses of all sizes measure team goals, determine roles and responsibilities and gain insights. Features include data export, PDF generation, text...Read more about Ninety

4.5 (4 reviews)

ConnectWise ScreenConnect

ConnectWise ScreenConnect (formerly ConnectWise Control) is a cloud-based operations management solution that allows technicians to perform remote support, gain remote access and run remote meetings. It acts as a meeting point for...Read more about ConnectWise ScreenConnect


Eventsquid is cloud-based event management software for small, midsize and large businesses. It caters to corporations, sports leagues, educational institutes and other associations. Primary features include event registration, we...Read more about Eventsquid


Now available: Microsoft 365 Integration. As the most reviewed solution on Capterra and the G2 category leader in Board Management, OnBoard offers a simple, secure, and effective way to run board meetings. With OnBoard, you can...Read more about OnBoard


eScribe is an end-to-end meeting management software designed for the public sector. By streamlining complicated administrative tasks, simplifying meetings, and boosting transparency, eScribe helps public sector organizations focu...Read more about eScribe


**AWARDED CAPTERRA BEST VALUE 2020 - BOARD MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE** BoardPro is a cloud-based board management platform to manage board workflows, daily enterprise functions and documentation. It caters to nonprofits and small to m...Read more about BoardPro is a conferencing platform with over 800,000 business users, including 500 well-known companies. It caters to users around the globe, offering screen sharing, high-definition audio conferencing and video con...Read more about

Frameable MultiShare

Frameable MultiShare is a cloud-based tool that helps organizations reimagine remote collaboration. With Frameable MultiShare, users can embrace a more dynamic and efficient way of working together. One of its standout features i...Read more about Frameable MultiShare

4.6 (5 reviews)


Asana is a comprehensive project management tool that offers a range of technical features to streamline workflows and enhance collaboration within teams. With its user-friendly interface and robust capabilities, Asana provides or...Read more about Asana

A2Z Events

A2Z Events is a cloud-based event management solution designed to help associations, emerging non-profits, charities, wellness organizations or event professionals manage operations related to attendees, exhibitors, speakers and s...Read more about A2Z Events

Nasdaq Boardvantage

Nasdaq Boardvantage® is a board portal that helps companies of all sizes work better. Purpose-built to optimize the entire workflow of meetings, it is user-friendly and offers the resources of a global brand that is at the forefr...Read more about Nasdaq Boardvantage

Minutes Depot

Minutes Depot is a collaboration solution that helps small businesses and non-profit organizations manage and share meeting minutes or summaries with participants. It allows hosts users to create agendas and update recurring items...Read more about Minutes Depot

4.9 (8 reviews)


Aprio’s easy-to-use board management software streamlines board meeting preparation and communication, improves board engagement, and facilitates decision-making outside the boardroom. Our secure cloud-based board portal is the fi...Read more about Aprio


VirtualPBX is a cloud-based phone solution that caters to all-sized businesses. VirtualPBX enables companies to streamline and improve communications with features such as unlimited minutes, video conferencing, business SMS, auto-...Read more about VirtualPBX


FreeBusy is the online scheduling assistant that makes it easy to coordinate meetings faster with contacts inside and outside your company. With FreeBusy, you can quickly see who's available for a meeting and what their schedule ...Read more about FreeBusy

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Joan is a room scheduling and booking solution that helps businesses of all sizes find and reserve available meeting rooms and work desks according to individual requirements. The room grid functionality allows users to view multi...Read more about Joan

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Stova (Formerly Meetingplay, Aventri & eventcore) is a cloud-based meeting and event management solution that helps businesses of all sizes across various industry verticals to manage various processes in an event's planning lifec...Read more about Stova

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Eventboost is an online event management solution that helps corporations, professional event planning agencies and consultants to plan and organize events. The solution provides online registration, event invitation management, s...Read more about Eventboost

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EventMobi is a cloud-based event management solution for businesses of any size across a variety of industries. Primary features include event apps, multiple event management, registration, check-in, live polls, surveys, gamificat...Read more about EventMobi

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Buyers Guide

Last Updated: March 16, 2023

Software Applications for Meeting

Collaboration is a key to a successful business, whether small or large, as it helps with problem-solving, teamwork, and client management. With remote working on the rise, it has become more crucial for businesses to manage workplace collaboration effectively.

Meeting software enables and enhances communication within businesses. Communication can be through text, audio, video, and content sharing. While collaboration is the basic requirement, security, ease of use, and scalability are additional benefits provided by this software.

In this buyers guide, we’ll look at common features, benefits, and key considerations before purchasing meeting software.

Here’s what we'll cover:

What is meeting software?

Meeting software streamlines organizing, scheduling, conducting, and attending meetings. These meetings can be team meets, training sessions, webinars, presentations, and interviews. With the dynamic need for this technology, meeting software applications offer features that suit a particular meeting type or multiple use cases.

The meeting management software increases engagement between teammates, departments, and business partners. The web conferencing solution is cost-effective, sustainable and saves time as it reduces travel and expenses incurred for in-person meetings.


Video conferencing platform of Zoho Meeting (Source)

Common features of meeting software

The contemporary workplace has required online communication to become more significant than ever due to employees working remotely and across geographical locations, and outsourcing work to freelancers. Meeting software has evolved to meet the communication requirements.

Take a look at the common features that a web conferencing software solution includes:

Collaboration tools

Allow team members to communicate, collaborate, share media files, and work together through a single platform.

Meeting management

Plan, schedule and conduct meetings to accomplish team goals.

Private chat

Send private chat messages to the selected individual(s) within an online meeting.


Record live video calls to review later or send to people who couldn’t attend.


Create metrics such as attendance, meeting agenda, duration, and participants feedback to analyze assemblies.

Screen sharing

Allow users to share screens digitally, give access to meeting participants, and let them watch your activity in real-time.

Third-party integrations

Integrate functionalities from third parties to leverage more features and applications.

Video conferencing

Hold face-to-face meetings over the web.

Video layouts/views

Choose different layouts to let participants view meetings in a way that focuses on what you want to display.

Virtual backgrounds

Upload or use pre-set virtual backgrounds during a video meeting.

Application encryption

Secure the data shared in a meeting through end-to-end encryption meaning the software vendor cannot decrypt data/video/chats shared during the meeting.

Audio calls

Make voice calls to meeting participants.

File sharing

Digitally send and receive files during meetings.

HD audio/video

High-definition audio and video capabilities are available for better call quality.

Host controls

Enables hosts with special privileges to control various aspects of the call such as putting participants on mute, blocking screen sharing and chats, etc.

Live chat

Chat online in real-time to make sessions more interactive.

What type of buyer are you?

Before deciding on which software to choose from, you should understand which buyer category you belong to so that you choose the right software. Most buyers belong to one of the following categories:

  • Small and midsize enterprises (up to 500 employees): Whether you are in legal, marketing, education, fitness, medical or any other industry, you are required to communicate with your clients and customers. As social gatherings continue to move to hybrid and remote models, you need to make online sessions more lively, accessible, and interactive. Thus, buyers in this category should look for software solutions that provide creative backgrounds, reactions, hand raising, mobile device integration and live chat options.

    Businesses who are in education should opt for a collaboration tool that enables students to move beyond classroom walls by connecting with relevant people, places, and events. Meetings hosts have controls to disable chat options, mute and remove participants to manage virtual classrooms. Sessions can be pre-recorded so that participants can watch them at a later time or refer back to for future references.

  • Large enterprises (over 500 employees): These buyers need conferencing solutions to communicate with teammates, departments, business partners, and clients. Government agencies, public sector institutions, hospitals and private enterprises fall under this category. Beyond collaboration, these buyers are looking for tools that are secure with end to end encryption, enable integrations with their industry-specific devices, CRM, marketing and sales tools, support webcasts at massive scales, and provide real-time translations for diverse audiences.

Benefits of meeting software

The key benefits of meeting software include:

  • Unified communication: As employees use multiple communication methods such as chat, phone calls, video conferencing, etc., meeting software streamlines communication by offering multiple channels in one platform.

  • Lower costs: If your employees live in different countries or cities, bringing them together for a team meeting takes a toll on your budget. Meeting software allows employees to communicate from anywhere at any time. Thus, saving valuable time and money. Web conferencing software has also reduced the need for establishing board meeting rooms. These conference rooms require expensive equipment and have limited seating. With video conferencing software, the applications are installed in every system and reduces the need to buy additional equipment.

  • Productive meetings: Since meetings are planned in advance, you can create agendas beforehand. The sessions are more likely to be productive as participants adhere to the agendas without spending time on idle conversations.

  • Ease of measuring results: Virtual meeting software provides insights into important aspects of meeting data such as cost, attendance, duration, engagement, and feedback from participants. These reports help you in analyzing which meetings were most productive, allowing you to adopt best practices for future meetings.

  • Maintain records: Meeting software enables organizers to record sessions, and maintain transcripts. With recorded meetings, non-attendees do not miss out on discussions and visuals. These logs can also be used for future references.

Market trends:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) can help make meeting software more interactive: With AI-driven technology, meeting software enhances the way people communicate by adding more human elements. This software is capable of adjusting the position of your eye, therefore, it seems like you are looking straight at the other person. The continuous learning capability of meeting software makes it easier to conduct virtual meetings with low-speed internet as well. The software collects key points from a person’s facial muscles and creates a realistic video with low bandwidth data. AI-driven meeting tools bring more inclusion through real-time translations within assemblies.

Note: The application selected in this article is an example to show a feature in context and is not intended as an endorsement or a recommendation. It has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.