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PostGrid Address Verification

PostGrid Address Verification is a real-time postal address validation solution for verifying, validating, standardizing, autocorrecting and enriching all of your customers' addresses using CASS and SERP certified address database...Read more about PostGrid Address Verification

5.00 (15 reviews)

Address Validator

Byteplant's Address-Validator offers postal Address standardization, matching, verification and correction. Users can validate and clean addresses in CRM or ERP platforms, in addition, to verifying any address in real-time using t...Read more about Address Validator

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SmartAddresser is a mailing solution that enables government agencies, universities, nonprofits and other organizations to manage sorting, job scripting, printing, address verification, and other activities. The application allows...Read more about SmartAddresser

4.62 (34 reviews)

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AddressFinder provides dependable and accurate address solutions for business owners that are looking to enhance their website forms and checkouts or clean up their address database. This platform offers autocompletion, address ve...Read more about Addressfinder

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Address Auto-Complete

Address Auto-Complete speeds up the customer journey through checkout and registration forms with type-ahead address search which reduces keystrokes by up to 80%. By streamlining the UX of lengthy forms, the address validation to...Read more about Address Auto-Complete

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Address Enhancement Software

Address Enhancement Software is an address verification software used to ensure accuracy and reduce failed deliveries. This platform includes features such as USPS address verification API, real-time processing, and USPS presort. ...Read more about Address Enhancement Software

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Lob Address Verification

Lob Address Verification is an address verification platform through data cleansing and automatic delivery point validation (DVP). Some of the main features include address standardization, global address verification, and ZIP cod...Read more about Lob Address Verification

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Placekey is a free and open universal standard identifier for any physical place so that the data pertaining to those places can be shared across organizations easily. Placekey creates a common industry standard for identifying a...Read more about Placekey

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AccuMail frameworks

AccuMail frameworks is an address validation tool designed to help businesses verify, standardize, and manage addresses in bulk or one at a time. The solution includes data quality control to detect duplicates, update current addr...Read more about AccuMail frameworks

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Loqate is an address verification platform that captures and validates addresses for eCommerce businesses. Some of its main features include address autocomplete, international data, fuzzy error prevention, and user location detec...Read more about Loqate

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DataMatch is an on-premise data cleansing software for small, midsized and large enterprises. It caters to organizations in the marketing, retail, information technology, financial services and education industries. Primary featur...Read more about DataMatch

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Shops United

Shops United is a Dutch-language software for address verification and shipping. Users can manually or automatically create orders....Read more about Shops United

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A cybersecurity business called Gataca offers decentralized digital identification technology. Generate and digitally sign identity credentials in a defined format to issue verified credentials. Create customizable verification te...Read more about Gataca

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Informatica Data as a Service

Informatica Data as a Service is a contact data verification platform that allows businesses to verify customer addresses, email accounts, and phone numbers. B2B companies can use features such as global geocoding to know where cu...Read more about Informatica Data as a Service

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AccuMail Verify

AccuMail Verify is an address validation API available in both REST and SOAP environments. The secure data network and advanced integration capabilities allow users to customize the tool to meet their needs. With AccuMail Verify, ...Read more about AccuMail Verify

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Kycaid is a one-stop-shop compliance platform that is aimed to help businesses of all sizes and industries reduce risks, enhance customer interaction and simplify many business processes through holistic KYC&AML services. Kycaid i...Read more about Kycaid

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Woosmap is a geolocation API platform that offers search functionality, maps, distance calculation and background location-detection capabilities. It provides access to location data using geocoding capabilities. Woosmap includes...Read more about Woosmap

4.70 (20 reviews)


Lob is a cloud-based mailing and print solution for omni-channel marketing. It offers features such as activity dashboards, invoicing, reports, automatic triggers, delivery tracking and more. Lob helps users send consistent and br...Read more about Lob

4.38 (8 reviews)


AddressZen provides an Address Lookup solution that captures and verifies an address at point of entry, which is normally implemented on a form. Eliminate friction at checkout and save customers time and stress with fewer keystr...Read more about AddressZen

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Ideal Postcodes

We help businesses improve UX and data quality with our addressing solutions. Address validation is the process of capturing and validating addresses on a form, whether on a CRM, website, app or POS. Users start typing in any pa...Read more about Ideal Postcodes

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