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Google Cloud

Featuring G-Suite and GCP, Google Cloud is a platform that provides a reliable and easy-to-use set of solutions that can be used to tackle the toughest challenges in any type of industry. It provides secure storage options, integr...Read more about Google Cloud


StarTree is a cloud-based analytics platform that enables companies of all sizes to tie together trends in their business operations such as frequency of active users, user growth, revenue growth, or anomalous activity - and achie...Read more about StarTree

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MariaDB is the database for all, supporting any workload, in any cloud, at any scale. It has the versatility to support transactional, analytical & hybrid workloads as well as relational, JSON & hybrid data models. MariaDB scales ...Read more about MariaDB

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Quickbase is a no-code collaborative work management platform that empowers citizen developers to improve operations through real-time insights and automations across complex processes and disparate systems. Here's why Quickbase i...Read more about Quickbase

Aiven for Apache Kafka

Aiven for Apache Kafka is an end-to-end solution for data streaming enabling companies to manage Apache Kafka deployments effortlessly. Aiven for Apache Kafka offers automatic updates and upgrades with zero downtimes include a 99,...Read more about Aiven for Apache Kafka

4.58 (69 reviews)

Aiven for PostgreSQL

Aiven PostgreSQL is a database-as-a-service platform that helps businesses in retail, IoT and energy sectors integrate into existing workflow and automate daily tasks including in-place data upgrades, publish/unpublish replicas an...Read more about Aiven for PostgreSQL

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Caspio is a cloud-based, no-code, application development solution for organizations of all sizes. The platform is suitable for industries such as health care, media, government, education, nonprofits, consulting, churches and com...Read more about Caspio


Kintone is a cloud-based, customizable workflow management platform suitable for businesses of all sizes. The key features of the solution include compliance management, approval process control, forms management, event monitoring...Read more about kintone

InterSystems IRIS

InterSystems IRIS is a high performance data management software that provides IT professionals with the tools to build applications with features such as machine learning and data connectors. The platform also offers database man...Read more about InterSystems IRIS

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Longview Analytics

Longview Analytics is a financial dashboard solution that offers complete, granular visibility into business performance. Managers and executives can monitor the impact of economic conditions on an organization's or department's f...Read more about Longview Analytics

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TIMi is a suite of four tools that have been developed by the world's leading team of data scientists. The TIMi Suite has been designed to be the most powerful framework in the world, offering you the ability to push the barriers...Read more about TIMi

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Altova MapForce

MapForce is a graphical data mapping and ETL flow design tool for automatically transforming any type of data from one source to any other target. MapForce supports transformation between XML, JSON, REST Web Services, as well as r...Read more about Altova MapForce

5.00 (3 reviews)

Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform

Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform helps organizations launch and scale their businesses with cloud services and infrastructure. Key features include cloud virtual servers, secure block storage, snapshots, regulatory compliance, control ...Read more about Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform

4.96 (24 reviews)


Fieldshare is a cloud-based database that brings projects, tasks, costs, locations, and more into one unified platform. Its team helps SMBs and enterprise organizations organize data and streamline work, resulting in clean records...Read more about Fieldshare

4.38 (13 reviews)


Knack is cloud-based database management portal software that allows companies to build online databases that can be accessed remotely. Key features include an application builder, customization tools, reporting and analytics, an ...Read more about Knack

4.42 (78 reviews)


ScaleGrid is a database-as-a-service platform that provides a cloud-based MongoDB and Redis hosting solution with tools to manage databases. The MongoDB solution is designed for applications requiring availability, durability, sec...Read more about ScaleGrid

4.60 (68 reviews)


TrackVia is a workflow software development platform that allows users to create custom applications with a variety of uses. It is suitable for large organizations in most industries, particularly construction, manufacturing, heal...Read more about TrackVia

4.52 (33 reviews)


DigitalOcean is a cloud management software designed to help businesses streamline application development and database management operations. It enables software developers to build and deploy applications in cloud environments, ...Read more about DigitalOcean

4.76 (91 reviews)

SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor

SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor is a SaaS-based database performance monitoring and optimization solution that provides deep database performance monitoring of all traditional, open-source, and cloud-native databases. Sola...Read more about SolarWinds Database Performance Monitor

4.20 (5 reviews)

Cove Data Protection

Cove Data Protection offers backup, disaster recovery, and archiving for the cloud-first world. Protect servers, workstations, and Microsoft 365 with efficient data protection as a service. Cloud storage is included, with 30 data ...Read more about Cove Data Protection

4.65 (34 reviews)

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