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ArangoDB is a cloud-based multi-model database management software that helps create queries for graphs, documents and key values in one SQL-like query language. Designed for midsize to large businesses, its flexible data model supports as an application server so that the database and applications can be fused together for better throughput. Key features include flexible data modeling, transactions, replication and sharding. ArangoDB has an integrated full-text search engine called ArangoSearch, which allows users to carry out complex searches using Boolean operators, phrase and prefix matching, relevance tuning and relevance-based matching. ArangoDB’s enterprise edition has additional features such as smart graphs, encryption control with SSL/TLS, satellite ...

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ArangoDB is an open-source solution and the community version is available for free. Please contact ArangoDB directly for Enterprise and Oasis pricing details.

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March 2021

Flexible NoSQL Multi-Model Database

A fast Multi-Model Database with AQL query that graphs projects with different dimensions according to your search needs. ArangoDB offered in several versions that you can choose one of the versions according to your needs. Sometimes we have startup projects that our customers are constantly adding new requests to, and sometimes the type of project structure changes. Sometimes not choosing the right database model can be costly depending on the type of project and Our best choice for variable projects is ArangoDB. We used this database on a cyber security project that required artificial intelligence and fast processing and machine learning, and the result was very satisfactory.


It’s excellent Multi-Model Database and it has relational, document, and graph capabilities, with GeoJSON Support. ArangoDB works very fast and great on large projects where the scale of incoming data is variable. Very powerful and fast software infrastructure, very high adaptability to the cloud as well as fast analysis and processing of information in the database.


Community version features are still being developed, but other versions have excellent performance and full features. I personally prefer the cloud version.

Reasons for choosing ArangoDB

More capabilities and lower prices compared to competitors

Reasons for switching to ArangoDB

In one of the projects we needed a multi-model database, we switch for ArangoDB.