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TrainBeyond is a virtual reality training platform that provides businesses with interactive interfaces and immersive experiences. The platform lets organizations deliver cost-effective and scalable training to improve workplace s...Read more about TrainBeyond

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Retail VR

Retail VR is an augmented reality software that enables businesses to create a virtual store where teams can interact with customers. The platform enables managers to take product information from the existing website and upload i...Read more about Retail VR


Concept3D is a cloud-based mapping platform designed to help businesses in healthcare, education, hospitality and other sectors design 3D maps and virtual tour experiences for clients. With the built-in content management system (...Read more about Concept3D

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Sketchfab is a web-based viewing, creating, and publishing tool for 3D models. With this solution, users can organize models using the tool's collection, tag, and category options. 3D models created with Sketchfab can be embedded ...Read more about Sketchfab


BrioVR is a cloud-based 3D visualization software designed to help individuals and businesses in e-commerce, real estate, advertising, architecture, industrial design, games, education and automotive industries create virtual real...Read more about BrioXR

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CenarioVR is a VR authoring and training tool that enables the creation of 360-degree learning courses without the need for coding or headsets. The tool allows users to develop realistic learning environments where learners can in...Read more about CenarioVR

3D Space Viewer

3D Space Viewer helps users create individual online showrooms using ready-made templates, an object catalog, and the possibility to upload images, videos, avatars, flyers, and 3D products. Products and information are ready to b...Read more about 3D Space Viewer

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VR Maker

iStaging's VR Maker software is an immersive virtual space builder for real estate agents, interior designers, photographers, hoteliers, retailers, event organizers, museums, art galleries, and more. The platform enables professio...Read more about VR Maker

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IrisVR Suite

IrisVR is a cloud-based software platform for immersive experience simulations. The system helps users gain faster access to 3D environments to showcase designs and simulate processes by using VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift o...Read more about IrisVR Suite

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Cupix is an enterprise-grade 3D digital twin platform built to support builders and owners throughout the job lifecycle supporting the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry and more. Cupix is a trusted partner...Read more about Cupix


Pano2VR, the industry-leading virtual tour software, can be used to create interactive virtual tours in order to give your customers an immersive experience. Whether you work with single gigapixel panoramas or thousands of scenes,...Read more about Pano2VR

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Designed for businesses in food and beverage, retail, healthcare, telecommunications, banking and other industries, GatherinVR is a cloud-based augmented reality platform that enables users to host and manage virtual events. It al...Read more about GatherinVR

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Patchwork 3D

Who is Patchwork 3D for? Patchwork 3D Enterprise software helps computer graphists to enhance CAD data into photorealistic 3D models for industrial use. The software provides creation tools adapted for industries such as aeronauti...Read more about Patchwork 3D

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Enklu is an augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) solution, which enables businesses to create, share and manage 3D simulations, spatial concepts, applications and data for training, design and storytelling experiences. The platfo...Read more about Enklu

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ReadySet is a virtual reality retail planning software for product manufacturers and retailers to innovate. It is designed to assist clients with building, managing, and studying retail innovations in virtual reality. ReadySet fea...Read more about ReadySet

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Unity is an application development software designed to help businesses create and run 2D and 3D games. The platform enables administrators to collaborate with colleagues and gain real-time insights into player behavior. Manager...Read more about Unity

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As a pioneer in in-car entertainment, holoride has set out to make transit time count. By leveraging XR technology with motion and location data from a moving vehicle in real-time, it creates exciting, borderless, and immersive ex...Read more about holoride

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Designed for builders and sellers, homeAR is a cloud-based augmented reality software that helps generate leads, analyze home designs, and add 3D images on web pages. The tool allows users to share and publish augmented reality f...Read more about homeAR

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Industry XR

In short: Industry XR is a virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) app management solution. It is dedicated to industry 4.0 companies and R&D teams looking for: 1. VR training implementation 2. Industrial process enhancem...Read more about Industry XR

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CRYENGINE is a game engine that helps professionals develop games using visuals, sandbox, animation, artificial intelligence and audio editing tools. It offers built-in buoyancy and water simulation module, which allows users to d...Read more about CRYENGINE

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