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Everyday the world’s largest businesses and educational institutes—along with millions of individuals—trust our exclusive AI-powered text analysis to identify potential plagiarism, recognize AI-generated content including ChatGPT,...Read more about Copyleaks

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Plagiarism Checker X

Plagiarism Checker X is a plagiarism detection platform that is suitable for businesses across industries including education, marketing, content creation and more. The key features of the solution include duplicate detection and ...Read more about Plagiarism Checker X


EasyBib by Chegg is an online tool that can be used to check papers for grammar, citations, and cases of plagiarism. It can be used by students and schools. EasyBib is designed to prevent unintentional plagiarism, grammar mistakes...Read more about EasyBib

4.3 (6 reviews) is a cloud-based tool that uses smart algorithms to conduct in-depth content analysis. It helps students, teachers, and writers ensure that documents do not contain plagiarized content. Users can enter text as...Read more about

4.0 (1 reviews)

Scribbr Plagiarism Checker

Scribbr Plagiarism Checker is a tool for students and academic institutions. It uses advanced technology to highlight similarities within documents when compared to a database of sources, including web pages, books, journals, plus...Read more about Scribbr Plagiarism Checker

4.5 (4 reviews)


iThenticate is a plagiarism checker for scholars, researchers, and publishers. This tool checks written content for similarities against top-cited journals and over 70 billion current and archived web pages. iThenticate is suitabl...Read more about iThenticate

Plagiarism Detector

Plagiarism Detector is a web-based tool for students, academic institutions, professional writers, and bloggers. It uses advanced scanning techniques and analyzes written content based on word choice, phrase matching, plus other f...Read more about Plagiarism Detector

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Noplag is a cloud-based writing assistance application with plagiarism detection. It is suitable for students, educators, publishers, and other writing teams. Uploaded files are checked against billions of web pages, publication d...Read more about Noplag

1.0 (1 reviews)


PaperRater is a web-based plagiarism checker that is suitable for businesses of all sizes, including educational institutions and corporations. The key features of the solution include plagiarism detection, grammar and spell check...Read more about PaperRater


Unicheck is a web-based plagiarism detection tool for academic institutions, marketers, publishers, and other businesses. It can identify similarities within texts when compared to online sources and other publications in order to...Read more about UniCheck

4.0 (5 reviews)


PlagScan is a plagiarism checker solution that helps businesses within education and other industries that require content creation with ensuring text is original and authentic. The software can be accessed using any web-enabled d...Read more about PlagScan

3.0 (2 reviews)

Grammarly Business

Grammarly Business is a web-based communication management and written content curation system that helps businesses across all industries to polish their written communications. The platform offers a range of features including g...Read more about Grammarly Business

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Quetext is a web-based plagiarism detection tool and citation assistant for education, content creation, blogging and other professions. The platform offers features including DeepSearch technology for identifying cases of plagiar...Read more about Quetext


Plagium is a plagiarism detection solution that helps educational institutions with ensuring text is original or cited correctly by detecting any cases of content duplicated from elsewhere on the web. The software is fully web-bas...Read more about Plagium

5.0 (1 reviews)


PlagTracker is a web-based plagiarism detection tool that uses a unique tracking algorithm and database of academic papers to identify cases of plagiarism in text. The platform is suitable for businesses of all sizes as well as st...Read more about PlagTracker

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Proctorio is a remote exam monitoring solution that lets businesses in the education, corporate, and government sectors conduct exam proctoring, originality verification and plagiarism detection using machine learning technology. ...Read more about Proctorio


CorrectEnglish is an AI-powered proofreading and plagiarism checker that enables users to correct grammar/spelling errors, create unique content, and understand contextual issues with crystal clear explanations. CorrectEnglish pro...Read more about CorrectEnglish

4.0 (1 reviews)


Compilatio promotes authenticity and supports educational establishments in their pedagogical initiatives to prevent plagiarism. With its comprehensive program, Compilatio promotes plagiarism prevention by providing educational e...Read more about Compilatio

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PlagiarismCheck is a reliable advanced tool that promotes academic integrity by detecting similarities and ChatGPT usage (with TraceGPT feature), enhancing the learning experience. Moreover, it not only identifies plagiarism but a...Read more about

Check Plagiarism

Check Plagiarism provides an efficient and accurate state-of-art plagiarism checker to detect plagiarism from the blog post or academic content. It also provides an NLP-based paraphrasing tool, to help teams with writing content....Read more about Check Plagiarism

4.0 (1 reviews)

Buyers Guide

Last Updated: March 16, 2023

Plagiarism refers to copying someone else’s content (including ideas, words, or work) and presenting them as your own without acknowledging the source.

If you’re a writer or you author anything such as blogs or reports, nothing can damage your reputation more than an accusation of plagiarism. Possible repercussions depend on your role (student, experienced academic, or professional) and could lead to poor grades, suspension from the university, copyright infringement, and ruined reputation.

This buyers guide will help you choose an online solution for detecting plagiarized content, done unintentionally or otherwise.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

What is plagiarism checker software?

Plagiarism checker software is a tool that comes with algorithm-based text detection capabilities to recognize plagiarised content. The tool scans web pages and databases (free as well as paid) to identify the usage of the same terms, quotes, sentences, paragraphs, and titles along with similarities in wording and paraphrasing.

Additionally, the software offers features such as writing suggestions, citation generator, and indexing. Writers, bloggers, students, teachers, and professionals/businesses working on projects such as content creation, storytelling, and marketing make up the primary users of this type of software.


Plagiarism checker in Grammarly (Source)

Common features of plagiarism checker software

Each vendor offers a unique mix of features, however, there are some common features in all plagiarism checker software solutions.

Content scan

Scan written content in other documents, files, databases, or websites to check plagiarism.

Text similarity detection

Identify text similarities that are not identical but could be a result of paraphrasing or substituting, technically called mosaic plagiarism.

Plagiarism report

Download and share results of plagiarism scan with stakeholders by highlighting parts of copied text in different colors.

Bulk upload

Upload multiple documents at once for cross-analysis.

Grammar checker

Check the text for proper grammar usage.

Side-by-side comparison

Compare two different documents and identify copied or paraphrased content.

What type of buyer are you?

Before purchasing a plagiarism checker tool, you should assess what kind of buyer you are. The majority of use cases fall into one of these categories:

Freelancers: If you’re freelancing, it is important to get recognized each time your work is referenced. Also, it is important to be alerted when you have unintentionally copied someone else’s work or missed a citation in your content. Plagiarism software enables you to stay on top of these tasks through comprehensive reporting, and thus, ensuring originality and honesty in your work.

Academic institutions: Plagiarism software enables educational institutions with in-depth analysis of students’ works. Some products allow evaluators to grade assignments as well. Paraphrasing and source citing suggestions greatly enhance the quality of students’ work, thus enhancing their productivity.

Business: If you are a business owner, ensuring the authenticity of your content should be one of the major reasons to adopt plagiarism checker software. Duplicate content not only impacts your reputation but SEO ranking as well. This becomes all the more important when you outsource your content creation.

Benefits of plagiarism checker software

Here are the biggest benefits you will see from using online plagiarism checker software in your organization:

Multiple content and language support: The tool allows running plagiarism checks on multiple documents simultaneously. This avoids repeating the efforts on checking the originality of several iterations for a given (or similar) topic. A potential use case could be in academic institutions where teachers can check for plagiarised content in assignments submitted by the whole class. The content can also be checked for plagiarism in multiple languages.

Regulatory compliance and ethical limits: Plagiarism is not legal and if your content violates copyright laws, you can face copyright infringement charges with heavy penalties. The plagiarism checker software analyses the content and presents the analysis based on different metrics. You can see these results in the form of an extensive similarity report that highlights common words (which can be replaced with synonyms) as well as other suggestions that fit-in your work.

Key considerations

With so many options and features to choose from, selecting the right plagiarism detection tool can quickly become overwhelming. To narrow the search list, here are some key factors to keep in mind when you evaluate different products:

Data protection: When searching for plagiarism detection software, check the product’s data sharing and retention policy. Your documents, which can be confidential, should not be made public or passed on to third parties without your permission. Also, deleted files should get completely erased from the software’s backend and not retained for any purpose. Prefer a solution that uses data and document encryption techniques to ensure safe upload/download/transfer.

Integration: Some plagiarism checker software offer product extensions that can be integrated with Microsoft Word, Apache OpenOffice, Google Docs, Google Chrome, etc. It enables users to check plagiarism and incorporate suggested edits easily while working on the document. Users can simply copy-paste the content into the extension’s workspace and identify plagiarised text.

Whitelisting: Some plagiarism detection tools allow users to define certain sources (such as specific websites or databases) that can be excluded from the checklist. For example, if you are a teacher and have asked your students to refer to certain online journals for an assignment, you can whitelist those sources so the software will not check for plagiarised content across those authorized sources. Similarly, if a business wants to exclude certain industry-specific terms/phrases during plagiarism scans, they can do so by whitelisting those terms.

Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations. They have been obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.