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Tipalti is the world's leading finance automation solution for managing accounts payable, procurement, expenses, card, and global payments. Eliminating 80% of manual work and accelerating financial close by 25%. Tipalti allows yo...Read more about Tipalti

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Datasoft FxOffice

Datasoft FxOffice is a corporate banking suite designed to help financial institutions manage foreign exchange, customer relationships, asset-liability, payments, and other administrative operations. Administrators can utilize the...Read more about Datasoft FxOffice

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Alviere Hive

Embed Financial Products Into Your Business with our platform. Banking With a single, seamless integration, offer FDIC insured banking services to your customers. Process Payments Moving money is simple with easy to deploy cre...Read more about Alviere Hive

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iBanFirst is a blockchain-based payment gateway that enables merchants to accept and manage cryptocurrency payments on a centralized platform. It lets users accept cryptocurrency payments, manage their assets, and integrate with e...Read more about iBanFirst

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CurrencyXchanger (CXR) is a Currency Exchange Software made for small to medium MSBs (Money Service Businesses). CXR can be deployed in single standalone, client/server, or cloud environment. It helps easily manage your money exch...Read more about CurrencyXchanger

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Kantox is a fintech company creating Currency Management Automation solutions designed to help businesses overcome complex foreign exchange (FX) challenges and leverage foreign currencies for growth. Kantox’s solutions and experti...Read more about Kantox

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Remitr provides access to better business payments. Whether is a direct debit, ledger, transfer, or etransfer, Remitr handles it all quickly and securely so companies can focus on growing their business. ...Read more about Remitr

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Fluenccy enables your business with advanced foreign currency reporting and insights. See how your business performed on foreign currency exchange over the last 12 months with our simple Currency Score tool. Detailed reports provi...Read more about Fluenccy

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XREX is a Taipei-headquartered fintech startup that offers a full suite of blockchain-driven solutions that helps cross-border merchants, money service businesses (MSBs), and working professionals manage and process their payments...Read more about XREX

No reviews yet is an API for currency exchange rate conversions. The platform enables users to get current and historical foreign exchange rates and supports over 170 currencies. Users can access a centralized dashboard where the...Read more about

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TreasuryView is an all-in-one platform designed to simplify financial risk management for companies. With its intuitive interface and powerful automation tools, TreasuryView streamlines treasury functions, providing real-time data...Read more about TreasuryView

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Intergiro offers a one-stop-shop for businesses looking for a full-service solution for their payment and banking needs. With a combined merchant business account, Intergiro helps businesses save time and money by reducing costs...Read more about Intergiro


NaviHedge is a SaaS currency exchange platform that combines risk management, payments, credit limits, and hedging in a unified interface. NaviHedge helps wealth managers automate their FX and hedging procedures. The platform hel...Read more about NaviHedge

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PingPong Payments

PingPong is a fintech eCommerce and payment processing platform created solely to focus on sellers and merchants. This solution allows companies to receive and hold funds locally in multiple currencies, make direct payments using ...Read more about PingPong Payments

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HedgeFlows is a cloud-based financial risk management platform that allows businesses to handle foreign payments, cashflows and invoices. It offers a multi-currency account, enabling users to plan foreign collections. Finance tea...Read more about HedgeFlows

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Caxton helps businesses automate their payment processes. By integrating Caxton into existing workflows, companies can gain full control over their expenses and streamline their payment procedures. With Caxton API, enterprises ca...Read more about Caxton

FinanSys Apps

FinanSys Apps is a revolutionary cloud-based platform with limitless use cases for finance and all connected departments. It empowers organisations to streamline and automate business operations, connects finance to all departmen...Read more about FinanSys Apps

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Product Description: Airwallex is a global payments and financial platform assisting businesses in their global operations. It is suited for companies seeking to simplify their international operational processes. The platform pro...Read more about Airwallex

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