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Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is a suite of conversion optimization tools designed to help businesses track and engage with visitors using heatmaps, dashboards, live chat, polls and more. Administrators can gain insights into problematic areas wit...Read more about Lucky Orange

Appflow is an In-app Subscription Analytics Tool designed for developers with a mission to help developers build an app economy. It lets staff members manage iOS and Android in-app subscription data, paywall A/B testing, and pu...Read more about Appflow

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Freshsales is a salesforce automation solution that enables businesses of all sizes to streamline lead management, client interaction, marketing insights, customer relationship management and other operations. The platform enables...Read more about Freshsales

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Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a user testing solution that helps businesses across education, eCommerce, retail and other industries conduct A/B tests and run marketing campaigns. The application enables marketing teams to analyze customers’ respo...Read more about Crazy Egg

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Serviceform is a cloud-based SaaS solution designed to address the needs of service businesses and the provision of online booking capabilities. Available across three scalable price plans with expanding feature sets, the product ...Read more about Serviceform

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Jahia is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses monitor customers’ experiences and provide personalized content accordingly. Professionals can use the built-in CMS solution, jContent, to create, store, manage and share enter...Read more about Jahia

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Adobe Target

Adobe Target is a rule-based UX research solution for marketing teams. It helps users engage customers by creating and sending customized messages and offers. The software offers features such as location-based targeting, A/B test...Read more about Adobe Target

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Qualtrics CoreXM

Qualtrics CoreXM is a cloud-based platform designed to help organizations generate sales insights and optimize product prices through analysis of customer experiences in real-time. Key features include feedback collection, concept...Read more about Qualtrics CoreXM

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Instapage is a cloud-based landing page solution designed for marketers and businesses of all sizes and verticals. Without a developer, they can build sleek, mobile-responsive web pages that improve campaign results and ROI. Thos...Read more about Instapage

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Echobox uses market-leading AI to automate the curation, optimization and distribution of content. We are a research-focused company with a track record of building things that others had ruled out as impossible. With Echobox, bus...Read more about Echobox

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CPV Lab Pro

Track, optimise & automate your marketing advertising with a tracking software that improves your conversion rate and acquisition cost. If you are an affiliate marketer, just started making money online or you are already in this...Read more about CPV Lab Pro

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DevCycle is a Feature Management Platform that empowers development teams to deploy code more efficiently while reducing release complexity with feature flags that connect directly to your current workflows. Leverage industry-lead...Read more about DevCycle

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SankeyJourney is a powerful tool designed for customer journey analysis. It provides an online platform that allows users to create interactive Sankey diagrams or flow charts that help visualize the journey that a customer takes i...Read more about SankeyJourney

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Tggl is a feature flag solution designed to meet the needs of agile teams in various industries who want to release new features quickly and safely. Our solution offers a flexible and scalable approach to feature management, allow...Read more about Tggl

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Monetate is the leading real-time personalization software recognized by key industry analysts. With tools including testing and experimentation, 1-1 personalization, product recommendations, segmentation and targeting, and person...Read more about Monetate

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Anyword is an artificial intelligence software designed to help marketers create personalized messages for the target audience across channels and formats. The platform enables managers to generate and evaluate copy for social med...Read more about Anyword

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Predict is a leading attention AI app designed to accurately predict customer attention, allowing businesses to optimize all of their visual assets before publication. Predict is an AI-powered online attention tool that accurate...Read more about Predict

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