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Diligent Boards

Diligent Boards is a content management solution for creating, distributing and collaborating on board meeting materials. Designed for small and large businesses, Diligent Boards aids in creating digital materials to support any o...Read more about Diligent Boards


BoardEffect is a dynamic board management software designed to empower volunteer boards. With our platform, you can streamline board processes, enhance communication, and promote accountability. Specifically tailored to meet the u...Read more about BoardEffect


Now available: Microsoft 365 Integration. As the most reviewed solution on Capterra and the G2 category leader in Board Management, OnBoard offers a simple, secure, and effective way to run board meetings. With OnBoard, you can...Read more about OnBoard


Engaging meetings bring out the best in your board. Convene is the ultimate board management software designed with directors, executives, and meeting organizers in mind for a seamless pre-meeting to post-meeting experience. Our s...Read more about Convene

Easy Board

As a cloud-based board management solution, Easy Board is designed to assist organizations with managing board meetings and is built from the ground up for non-profits and other governing boards. Key features include multiple boar...Read more about Easy Board


**AWARDED CAPTERRA BEST VALUE 2020 - BOARD MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE** BoardPro is a cloud-based board management platform to manage board workflows, daily enterprise functions and documentation. It caters to nonprofits and small to m...Read more about BoardPro

iDeals Board

iDeals Board is a powerful board meeting management and portal software that provides businesses with an efficient and pragmatic way of organizing and running meetings. With this solution, corporate secretaries can enjoy a more e...Read more about iDeals Board

5.0 (2 reviews)


Aprio’s easy-to-use board management software streamlines board meeting preparation and communication, improves board engagement, and facilitates decision-making outside the boardroom. Our secure cloud-based board portal is the fi...Read more about Aprio


Boardfolio is a meetings management solution that helps businesses manage collaboration and communication and for boards of directors. The application offers a host of features, which enables organizations to handle materials, gov...Read more about Boardlogic

5.0 (2 reviews)

Twelve Directors' Portal

Twelve Directors’ Portal helps businesses organize and manage online meetings via engagement, collaboration and secure communication among board members. The platform lets organizations store documents and files in a centralized l...Read more about Twelve Directors' Portal

Board Intelligence

Board Intelligence is a cloud-based platform built to help users develop and share ideas in the context of board management. It caters to listed, public-owned and private clients. Board Intelligence features a report writing ...Read more about Board Intelligence


Directorpoint is a cloud-based portal solution designed for boards of directors and executive teams. It is suitable for small, midsize and large organizations, nonprofits and charities. Directorpoint helps users manage commit...Read more about Directorpoint

4.6 (5 reviews)


Simbli Board Meeting Management is a cloud-based collaboration tool, which allows users to manage meetings, planning sessions, board policy and board performance evaluations. Users can create various meeting types and manage them...Read more about Simbli

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Boardable empowers nonprofit boards to do more - wherever they are – by removing friction and renewing focus to enact positive change in the world. Our nonprofit board software allows boards and committees to collaborate seamlessl...Read more about Boardable

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Secure governance software with advanced contract management, board meeting management, entity management, e-signature, and VDR that is loved by hundreds of customers from over 30 countries. Start your 30-day free trial today – no...Read more about ContractZen


MyBoardPacket is an online board meeting management solution that allows businesses to manage documents, conduct online voting and streamline team discussions. It helps users broadcast announcements, maintain a directory of contac...Read more about MyBoardPacket

No reviews yet


Carta is a cloud-based solution that helps organizations in the finance industry streamline and manage portfolios, valuations, holdings and more. It provides enterprises with a fund administrative module, which enables venture cap...Read more about Carta

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HETIKUS Boards & Committees is a fully customizable platform designed to change the way you manage your organization's governance. It allows you to automate the creation of boards or committees in order to make sure each of them f...Read more about Hetikus

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Admincontrol Board Portal

Admincontrol Board Portals offer a cloud-based board management solution designed for businesses of all sizes. The solution serves the board members, the management, administration and the stakeholders of the company. Key features...Read more about Admincontrol Board Portal

4.3 (3 reviews)


iBabs is a secure board meeting management solution. It assists decision makers while enhancing meetings through portable devices. iBabs offers a complete control over decision-making processes & an efficient tracking method of re...Read more about iBabs

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Buyers Guide

Last Updated: March 16, 2023

Corporate board management is a complicated, time-sensitive process with very high stakes. It requires scheduling many (often geographically separated) parties, and demands meticulous communication and record keeping. In addition, companies and their boards can face serious consequences for any omissions or oversights.

Thankfully, there's board management software. It makes life easier for the managers of boards of directors, helping ensure efficient, organized and timely board management. But for it to do any of that, it needs to be selected with care and matched well to your company and your board's specific requirements.

This guide will help you more carefully select board management software. In it, we discuss:

What Is Board Management Software?

Common Features of Board Management Software

Key Considerations

Benefits and Potential Issues

Market Trends to Understand

What Is Board Management Software?

Board management software is a software platform used to help with all aspects of corporate board management and governance. From scheduling meetings to sharing documents and minutes, board management software is designed to streamline processes, prevent oversights and ensure best practices are followed.

Board management software is also commonly referred to and marketed as board portal software. Functionally speaking, there is no clear distinction. Board management platforms usually contain all the applications to also function as board portals and vice versa. Buyers should focus on each individual product's specific applications and not get sidetracked by terminology.

Common Features of Board Management Software

The following table shows common applications and tools included with board management and board portal software. Keep in mind these are just descriptions and that vendors may use different terms to describe similar or identical functions.

Scheduling tools

Enable board managers to coordinate and schedule board meetings with board members, often with visual aids like calendars and simple automation tools that, for example, send and receive emails about proposed meeting times.

Committee management

Facilitates organization and communication with various board committees, like audit committees, executive committees or committees associated with mergers and acquisitions.

Board member directory

Provides a listing of all board and committee members with accompanying contact, position and biographical information. It is sometimes integrated with scheduling tools to easily determine availability and travel preferences.

Virtual rooms

Virtual rooms are used to hold online meetings and discussions. They can be used to hold board or committee meetings and they offer controls for access and permissions.

Document management

Allows for the uploading and selective sharing of documents used during, before or after board meetings. Provides greater security than many commonly used alternatives, such as sharing documents by email.

Collaboration tools

These tools let stakeholders work together on documents and proposals, featuring tools like commenting, task assignment, change tracking and document version histories.

Mobile compatibility

Board management software offering mobile compatibility is designed to be used, either with full or partial functionality, from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Feedback collection

Provides tools to help automate the process of feedback solicitation and compilation. This helps improve the user experience for board and committee members.

Security features

Security features such as document and communications encryption, secure document storage and virtual data rooms help ensure privacy, IT security and compliance with various governmental regulations.

Guest management

Allows for creation and management of guest accounts to extend various rights and access privileges to non-members, auditors and others on a temporary or permanent basis.

Key Considerations

Start with a list of needed features. Board management and board portal software is typically purchased as a stand-alone product as opposed to being part of a larger integrated suite. However, the applications and tools included in any particular solution can vary quite a bit. Buyers are encouraged to make a list of "must-have," "nice-to-have," and "not needed" features before beginning their search.

User experience should be a central consideration. The user experience of board and committee participants should be considered and weighed prior to making a purchase decision. Companies that have historically used more traditional methods (mail, email, phone calls) to arrange board meetings need to ensure that any new system won't “rock the boat" too much. The move to digital tools is often welcomed with open arms, but it's wise to consider any potential culture clashes prior to committing to a new system.

Consider how software fits into your overall corporate strategies and goals. Implementing a new board portal or board management system can be part of a company's strategic digital transformation. When stakeholders are asked for input during the research and product selection stages and understand that the new software is part of a larger corporate strategy, then buy-in is easier to obtain and the process of transitioning to the new system will go more smoothly.

Benefits and Potential Issues

Speaking generally, efficiency is the primary benefit of board management software. But that efficiency takes many different forms. Your search for board management software should include an assessment of which efficiencies are most needed and which would be most impactful. For example,

  • If your board meetings require a lot of document collaboration, then you'll find the best ROI with board management solutions that support collaborative workflows.


Board members can leave comments and suggestions on PDFs with BoardPaq's collaboration tools

 * If scheduling of meetings is your most time-consuming task, then solutions with simple, visual calendar tools will be most beneficial.


Simple calendar tool provided by Board Management (Source)

 * If your company's board meetings are cyclical, then board management solutions with meeting templates can be used to save time with meeting follow-ups and other related tasks.


Examples of tools that help with cyclical board meetings in Board Effect.