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MenuSano is an easy-to-use nutrition analysis and recipe costing software that caters to food services, food manufacturing, healthcare, and education industries. With MenuSano, users can analyze recipes, nutritional values, and re...Read more about MenuSano

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Foodzilla is a meal planning and nutrition analysis tool that helps health professionals plan, create and track personalized diet plans for customers. Users can communicate with clients via live chat and messaging functionalities...Read more about Foodzilla

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8well is a nutrition software that helps companies optimize tasks like meal & menu planning, allergens filtering, biomarkers tracking, patient progress, and much more. The platform features an activity dashboard, automated schedul...Read more about 8well

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There's a never-ending list of challenges that come with being a personal trainer. FitBudd is the light at the end of your fitness tunnel. FitBudd's mission is to create easy and intuitive digital solutions for coaches, so they sp...Read more about FitBudd

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nutraCoster performs nutrition analysis and product and menu costing. It creates fully compliant nutrition facts labels for the US, Canada and Mexico. It includes unlimited free support and provides frequent automatic free update...Read more about nutraCoster

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Syndigo is a web-based content management solution that helps businesses in automotive, healthcare, retail and other industries access product details and digital assets in real-time. The application enables professionals to strea...Read more about Syndigo

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Apicbase Restaurant Management

Apicbase offers a cloud-based F&B Management Platform for inventory management and other back-of-house operations for foodservice businesses. Apicbase provides solutions for restaurant management, kitchen scheduling, inventory man...Read more about Apicbase Restaurant Management

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NutriAdmin allows nutritionists, dietitians, personal trainers and coaches to manage the business more efficiently. NutriAdmin includes everything needed for work including client records, meal plans, recipes, reports, client port...Read more about NutriAdmin

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My PT Hub

Get started with our Free 30-Day Trial. My PT Hub is an all-in-one software for personal trainers, coaches, gym owners, and nutritionists to manage their clients by creating customizable training and nutrition programs while trac...Read more about My PT Hub

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MatrixCare MealTracker

MatrixCare MealTracker is a web-based nutrition management software designed to help businesses streamline menu planning and nutrition analysis. Key features include recipe management, FDA compliance, user management, nutrient dat...Read more about MatrixCare MealTracker

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meez offers a two-week free trial, free 30-minute demos, and onboarding support with a customer success team, as well as add-ons such as recipe upload services that can kick start implementation of the recipe management software. ...Read more about meez

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Natty Gains

Nutrition plans Create individual nutrition plans with delicious recipes for your customers quickly, easily and flexibly - personally tailored to goals, physical requirements, everyday life, types of nutrition, food intolerance, b...Read more about Natty Gains

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Designed for businesses of all sizes, Fiber is a cloud-based solution that helps streamline nutrition management via calorie tracking, customer profiles, exercise classification and more. Key features include database management, ...Read more about Fiber

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Macrostax Team

Macrostax Team is a cloud-based nutritionist platform built just for gym owners and personal trainers. It allows them to offer customized nutrition plans to their clients in a matter of minutes. Nearly 50% of gym members are begg...Read more about Macrostax Team

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A productive fitness coach may spend 30% of their time on administrative activities. That means significant lost income for solopreneurs and frequent interference with personal time. Redirecting that admin time to billable hours c...Read more about MevoLife

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FoodNotify is the F&B Management Platform that allows restaurants, cafes, food service, hotel and catering businesses to manage their operations for multiple locations. The software offers solutions for ordering, recipes, inventor...Read more about FoodNotify

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