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Datadog is a network monitoring tool that helps companies gain visibility into application performance. The software provides an overview of a product to a single SQL query and correlates app performance or errors with infrastruct... Read more



Scaleway is a cloud and database management solution that helps businesses deploy and manage cloud computing infrastructures. The platform enables IT teams to create database instances, generate custom reports, define network acce... Read more



The SkySpark analytics platform automatically analyzes data from automation systems, meters, sensors and other smart devices to identify issues, patterns, deviations, faults and opportunities for operational improvements and cost ... Read more



AppDynamics is an AI-powered application performance management (APM) platform that provides businesses with complete observability over the performance of their IT infrastructure. Unifying full-stack performance monitoring, AppDy... Read more



Obzervr is a field automation solution that helps businesses in safety, mining, oil and gas and other industries streamline compliance, field maintenance and asset management operations. The platform allows administrators to creat... Read more


Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic is a cloud-based log management platform that helps small to large businesses create, manage and archive event logs for auditing, issue tracking and compliance. The centralized platform comes with real-time analytics mo... Read more



ThingSpeak is an Internet of Things (IoT) analytics platform, which helps businesses gather, analyze and visualize live data. Organizations can capture and store information about air pressure, temperature, humidity and other metr... Read more



IoTConnect is a platform as a Service (PaaS) solution that helps businesses streamline application development, data storage and device management operations. It enables software developers to gain insights into business analytics... Read more



Seebo is a cloud-based internet of things (IoT) development platform that helps businesses in the manufacturing industry design and deliver connected products and systems. The solution combines tools for IoT modeling, simulation, ... Read more


SAS Analytics for IoT

SAS Analytics for IoT is an IoT analytics solution designed to help businesses integrate real-time and historical data for analysis. Key features include best-practice templates, real-time analytics, data profiles and data mining.... Read more


Fleet Connect

Fleet Connect is an IoT analytics and fleet management solution that helps businesses in transportation, logistics, food distribution and other industries streamline processes related to location tracking, fuel management, complia... Read more


Google Cloud IoT

Google Cloud IoT is a cloud-based internet of things (IoT) platform that helps businesses securely analyze, manage and ingest data from multiple devices. The platform enables IT teams to streamline data collection, processing and ... Read more



You Cannot Improve What You Do Not Measure! We help manufacturers connect their machines with their people, and to join the Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Revolution (IIOT) cost-effectively. 'ShiftWorx' connects all, machine... Read more


AWS IoT Analytics

AWS IoT Analytics is an analytics solution that helps businesses of all sizes in retail, healthcare, transportation, education, and other industries streamline operations related to IoT data cleansing, transformation, visualizatio... Read more



Flex83 is an application enablement platform (AEP) that helps businesses create, validate and deploy custom web applications. The platform enables IT teams to utilize sensors and software to handle data transfer across systems and... Read more


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