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NT Programmatic Platform

NT Programmatic Platform is a cloud-based demand-side platform (DSP) designed to help marketing agencies place display advertisements, collect and analyze data and perform ad optimization in real-time. Features include media plann...Read more about NT Programmatic Platform

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Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform designed to help advertising agencies purchase video and audio ads and display them across Amazon websites and mobile applications. Administrators can gain visibility across audience engagement...Read more about Amazon DSP

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Admixer.Network is a SaaS platform to manage programmatic ads for large publishers, media houses, ad networks, and app developers. With the help of Admixer.Network, users: - Create and manage Desktop, Mobile Web, InApp, Video, ...Read more about Admixer.Network

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A.I. is allowing Digital Marketers to look at other areas of accounts and be more strategic in a way that they probably wouldn't have done in the past. Dolnai AdCreator is a generative A.I. tool designed specifically for Google A...Read more about Dolnai

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Snigel supports web publishers in managing, increasing, and diversifying their ad revenue. More than 200 leading websites use AdEngine, our innovative monetization solution, to maximize display advertising revenue. The full-servi...Read more about Snigel

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GreedyGame AdX

GreedyGame offers a platform for monetizing apps that is all-inclusive. It is a top-tier partner with Google AdX. It enables app publishers to fully manage their inventory. The highest eCPM and fill rates are brought by its optimi...Read more about GreedyGame AdX

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Designed for businesses of all sizes, sixads is a cloud-based ads personalization platform that helps create campaigns across various social media network, customize ads according to the target audience, and more on a centralized ...Read more about sixads

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