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Miro is a cloud-based collaboration tool for small to midsize businesses. The solution features a digital whiteboard that can be used for research, ideation, building customer journeys and user story maps, wireframing and a range ...Read more about Miro


Lucidchart is a cloud-based solution that helps small to large enterprises manage projects, data visualization, and diagramming processes. The centralized platform enables users to create visual diagrams of business processes and ...Read more about Lucidchart

InVision App

InVision Freehand is a cloud-based digital product design platform that helps development professionals and businesses of all sizes create and manage prototypes. It allows users to collaborate, test and experiment with designing t...Read more about InVision App

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Adobe XD

Adobe XD is an on-premise user experience/user interface (UX/UI) tool, which helps businesses design applications and websites by configuring layouts, components, effects and more. Managers can save created assets within a cloud-b...Read more about Adobe XD

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A pioneering platform for prototyping is It enables anyone with a brilliant idea to create fully interactive web and mobile prototypes of any fidelity that behave and look precisely like a genuine app, all without writin...Read more about

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Gliffy is a web-based diagramming tool that allows users to create professional diagrams in minutes. Professionals can drag and drop their way to professional-looking flowcharts, UML diagrams, entity-relationship diagrams and more...Read more about Gliffy

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MockFrame is a wireframe tool for building a mockup of your app's user interface. This can assist you in planning the overall appearance and feel of your application as well as the interactions between the various panels and funct...Read more about MockFrame

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Uizard is an application development platform that provides machine learning and computer vision-based user-friendly collaborative design and prototyping tools. ...Read more about Uizard

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Mokkup is the world’s first high-fidelity dashboard wireframing tool, allowing users to create wireframes that look almost identical to the final dashboards that would be created. Mokkup is highly intuitive and does not require an...Read more about

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Visio, a Microsoft 365 solution, is a diagramming tool that can be used by businesses of all sizes to create visual charts for team collaboration. With Visio, teams can connect diagrams and charts to real-time data and automate wo...Read more about Visio

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