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Jersey Watch

Jersey Watch is a sports league management solution for leagues, clubs and teams. The main features include a fast website builder, player registration with custom forms, payment collection, and text / email communication. Jerse...Read more about Jersey Watch


EZFacility is a cloud-based sports and fitness management solution that helps users track payments and automate scheduling. EZFacility caters to small to midsize clubs and multi-chain fitness centers. Key features include trainer ...Read more about EZFacility


SportNinja has been designed to make organizations more efficient and dramatically increase service to participants. You can score games in real-time on any mobile device, manage stats/schedules, game attendance, team chat, regis...Read more about SportNinja


SquadFusion is a sports management software that allows organizations to manage, schedule and organize teams. It includes a calendar feature that helps users schedule games and events, track attendance, and view all corresponding ...Read more about SquadFusion


At RecTimes we keep it simple. We help recreation facilities reduce admin time and fill more bookings using a user-friendly platform that is easy to learn and can be implemented quickly. - Web-based software - Real-time reportin...Read more about RecTimes

4.8 (9 reviews)

Upper Hand

Upper Hand is a leading provider of full-suite sports and fitness management software that enables businesses to achieve more while doing less. Upper Hand untangles the complexities behind running your business, empowering your te...Read more about Upper Hand


Mindbody is a cloud-based club management and appointment scheduling solution designed for the needs of small to midsize businesses. The product is primarily used by gyms, fitness and personal training centers, salons, spas and ma...Read more about Mindbody


SportsBiz is a sports league management solution designed to help organizations streamline scheduling, messaging, reporting, event planning and skill tracking, among other processes from within a unified platform. Administrators c...Read more about SportsBiz

4.6 (5 reviews)


SwimTopia is a cloud-based solution designed to help swimming centers and teams manage swim meets, volunteers, registration, payments and more via a unified portal. The platform enables institutions to design personalized websites...Read more about SwimTopia


Modern all-in-one sports management software platform for sports clubs, leagues, governing bodies, tournament operators, sports facility managers, teams, coaches, officials, players, and parents. Mobile-friendly and secure all-in-...Read more about SportsPlus


LeagueApps is a cloud-based youth sports management solution for soccer, basketball, softball, volleyball, flag football, kickball and hockey camps, clubs, and leagues. Our product offers online registration, schedules, member com...Read more about LeagueApps


StatStak is a cloud-based sports league solution that helps users manage teams, facilities, and events effortlessly with tools like streamlined registration flows, smart scheduling calendars, integrated communication, and more. B...Read more about StatStak

No reviews yet


SportsEngine is a cloud-based sports management solution for sports-event organizers. The software helps users manage operations, online registration, leagues organization and website design. SportsEngine’s online registratio...Read more about SportsEngine

SportsEngine Tourney

Tourney Machine is a cloud-based solution designed to help sports leagues create and manage tournaments on a centralized location. Using the built-in scheduling tool, professionals can verify court availabilities for matches, defi...Read more about SportsEngine Tourney

4.0 (1 reviews)


Wansport is a cloud-based software designed to help sports centers manage their operations. With Wansport, sports centers can manage reservations, accounting, payments, and even home automation systems like control of lighting and...Read more about Wansport

No reviews yet


Klublr is a communication management application designed to assist sports organizations with managing memberships and engaging with teams via text messages, emails and push notifications. The platform enables members to view and ...Read more about Klublr

4.3 (7 reviews)


Cogran is a cloud-based camp and recreation management solution that is suitable for parks, sports leagues, educational groups, facilities, museums, camps and adult leagues. Primary features include registration management, reserv...Read more about Cogran

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ClassMate is a web-based studio management solution designed to help dance, yoga, music, martial arts studios, daycare and fitness centres schedule classes on a daily, weekly or yearly basis and automate monthly billing. The ...Read more about ClassMate

No reviews yet


FamilyID is an online registration solution designed to help schools and community programs invite participants, process payments and create custom forms to collect data on a centralized platform. Professionals can maintain an act...Read more about FamilyID

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eSoft Planner

eSoft Planner is a cloud-based scheduling and business management software that helps sports facilities, swim clubs, music schools, and sewing/dance studios manage bookings, space renting, reservations, payments, and more. The pla...Read more about eSoft Planner

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Buyers Guide

Last Updated: March 16, 2023

What Is Sports League Management Software?

Sports league management software is a tool that helps business operators stay organized, managing multiple leagues under the same business umbrella. This software typically includes online registration, online payments, league rosters, scoring, standings, schedules, and message boards.

Managing a sports league is no easy feat, especially when there are multiple leagues under the same business umbrella, so sports league management software is crucial. Not all systems are right for your business, so let's take a look at what you should be looking for from your new sports league software.

Here's what we'll cover:

Common Features of Sports League Management Software

Benefits of Adopting Sports League Management Software

Sports League Management Software Tips for New Buyers

Common Features of Sports League Management Software

There are tons of capabilities that make up even the simplest sports team management software tools. These include:

Online registration

Enable sign-ups and player reservations. List preferred team(s) to join. Join a waitlist if league or preferred team is full.

Online payments

Complete payment for registration. Offer discounts for siblings, couples, or late-season additions.

Practice and game schedules

Set schedules for team members, league managers, and referees. Make adjustments for missed games.

League rosters, scoring and standings

Store team rosters, scoring results from played games, as well as league and/or division standings.

Message boards

Allow team members and/or all league members to easily communicate.

Reporting and analytics

Analyze payment information at the team and player level. Track absent players to spot trends in unreliable players/team members.

Website management

Create a fun and interactive website that keeps potential league members engaged and willing to convert and play.

The two most important components of sports league management software are registration and scheduling. Registration capabilities are the gear that drives the entire league. Potential league members have come to expect online registration for signing up for a team. Key features within registration software to keep in mind include:

  • Options to join specific teams or join random teams

  • Ability to volunteer to be a team manager

  • Complete registration payments

Once the league is set up and registration is complete, it's primarily the scheduling capabilities that keep the league moving throughout the season. Admins need to be able to easily adjust the schedule due to weather delays, team dropouts and other issues that can lead to cancellations. Given the likelihood of having games rescheduled, it's important that sports league scheduling capabilities include easy, one-step notifications and alerts to let players know about schedule changes.

Benefits of Adopting Sports League Management Software

Before digging into the benefits of sports league management software, it's important to note that it's pretty much a necessity to create and manage a sports league. Members have come to expect a software backbone managing the league.

With that being said, the specific benefits of adopting sports league management tools include:

  • Organization, organization, organization. Considering the alternative to using sports league software involves managing multiple disparate documents and software, sports league management software offers unparalleled organization for league and team managers.

  • Record and analyze key data. Surprisingly, your sports league and/or team can benefit from data analysis. For example, you can track and record member attendance to identify problem players that might need reprimanding.

  • Offer easily accessible information for league members. Maintain league engagement by giving members access to schedules, team standings and team member contact information.

  • Enable communication channels between league members. Helping foster communication and relationships between league members is central to sustaining engagement between the league and its (paying) members.

Sports League Management Software Tips for New Buyers

There's no doubt sports league management software can offer your business a ton of benefits. But that doesn't mean that all sports team management systems are right for your needs. There's a lot that should go into your sports league software selection since it'll be the backbone of the league.

These recommendations will help you navigate the vendor landscape and ensure you choose the best sports league management software for your business. We've formalized these recommendations from surveying cross-industry software buyers to determine effective strategies for choosing the best business system. The most popular tactics your small business peers use are as follows:

  • Don't skimp on your due diligence. Whether you're starting a new sports league business or optimizing your current one, there's software out there that's right for you. However, you have to put in the effort to do the research and read up on what the market offers. Don't be afraid to consult with other sports league business managers.

  • Identify your current needs and pain points. Before you begin reaching out to software vendors, make sure you know where your business is failing or could at least be operating better. By taking these needs to vendors, they ought to identify software features that will help improve your business. Don't just be wooed or blinded by systems with the coolest features. Make sure the core features meet your business needs.

  • Take advantage of software reviews from your sports league peers. It sounds simple, but reading software reviews from league managing peers will provide you with the information you need to make the most informed decisions. Seeing your peers' thoughts will help you cut through the marketing jargon that vendors often use.

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