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Honeywell Forge Visitor Management

Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Buildings | Visitor and Contractor Management is a modern visitor management system enabling a streamlined, secure check-in experience for visitors, contractors, and staff. Visitors simply check ...Read more about Honeywell Forge Visitor Management


Qminder is a cloud-based queue management platform that helps businesses deliver memorable waiting experiences. Manage customer queues via onsite check-in kiosks and real-time status updates. Qminder lets customers queue up remot...Read more about Qminder

The Receptionist for iPad

The Receptionist for iPad is a cloud-based visitor management solution that serves businesses of all sizes across all industries. The primary features of The Receptionist are visitor logs, visitor badges, visitor notifications (vi...Read more about The Receptionist for iPad


iLobby is the global leader in facility and visitor management for complex enterprises and regulated industries. Deployed across more than 6,000 sites worldwide, iLobby's FacilityOS platform powers complex work environments by opt...Read more about iLobby

HSI Donesafe

HSI Donesafe is the single source of truth that satisfies infinite EHSQ use-cases across every imaginable industry, all while driving record levels of engagement rates. Health & Safety leaders who are in a data...Read more about HSI Donesafe


KeepnTrack is a cloud-based visitor management software suitable for institutions such as schools, hospitals, retirement homes and summer camps of all sizes. The key features of this solution include visitor tracking, visitor back...Read more about KeepnTrack


Best for mid-market and enterprise companies, Robin Powered is a cloud-based scheduling solution that caters to businesses across various industries such as real estate, consumer electronics, marketing, advertising, finance, infor...Read more about Robin

MRI OnLocation

OnLocation is an app that allows you to easily set up mobile check-in for all your employees, visitors, and contractors with just one click. It also allows you to manage desk booking for both internal and external users, so everyo...Read more about MRI OnLocation

Gate Key

Designed for businesses of all sizes, Gate Key is a cloud-based visitor management software that helps print entry passes, handle permits and transponders, and notify residents on guest arrival. Key features include third-party in...Read more about Gate Key

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SchoolPass Visitor Management

SchoolPass is a Visitor Management Solution specifically built for PK-12 schools. Visitors, volunteers, vendors and students sign in and out via an intuitive mobile or web-based app. Different information and terms of entry can be...Read more about SchoolPass Visitor Management

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Single source cloud-based credentialing platform solution that helps healthcare organizations set, store and manage credentials. By using ‘trust as a technology,' the SEC³URE Ethos provides the owners of personal and health data ...Read more about SEC³URE Ethos

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Sign In App

Sign In App is a smart visitor management solution helping businesses and schools keep track of their visitors and employees. As guests and team members sign in, their details are automatically stored in your secure online portal ...Read more about Sign In App

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Veristream offers a cloud-based visitor management software, BreezN, which allows you to track and monitor all of your visitors and vendors. They cater to businesses of all sizes, across various industries, including enterprise co...Read more about iVisitor

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Enhance Your Workplace with Teamgo Visitor Management Software Step into a new era of efficiency, safety, and eco-friendliness with Teamgo's game-changing visitor management software. Say farewell to time-consuming sign-in sheets...Read more about Teamgo

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Envoy is transforming modern workplaces for hybrid work and safely bringing people together so they can connect, collaborate, and thrive. Envoy’s workplace platform has redefined how companies welcome visitors, keep employees safe...Read more about Envoy

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SwipedOn is the world's easiest, most loved flexible workplace management system for Apple and Android. Manage your visitors, employees, resources and more. Customize the logo, colors and backgroundto match your branding. Sync m...Read more about SwipedOn

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Welcm is a cloud-based visitor management system that allows businesses to set up a virtual reception desk to monitor office visitations and manage front desk interactions. The solution is used to track visitors’ signing in and ou...Read more about Welcm

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Greetly is a cloud-based visitor management solution that helps users automate the data collection process for offices. It allows visitors to input the reason for their visit using a moble or desktop device, as well as photos, dig...Read more about Greetly

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eVisitor Software

eVisitor Software is an on-premise visitation management solution designed for facilities of all sizes. It enables users to track, identify and log visitor details. Key features include badge printing, business branding, ID tracki...Read more about eVisitor Software

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VMS Singapore

VMS Singapore is a cloud-based visitor management solution that provides visitor details on a real-time basis. The solution supports RFID and barcode readers as well as badge printers, and can be used in various facilities su...Read more about VMS Singapore

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Buyers Guide

Last Updated: February 20, 2024

What is visitor management software?

Visitor Management Software (VMS) is a tool that helps office administration manage and track the flow of visitors into a business’s facility and allows selective access to buildings. Visitors can sign in using a VMS-loaded kiosk to self-register for a meeting or event. The tool monitors who are on the premises in real time and keeps records of visitor details for future reference or security purposes. 

The tool features include guests’ pre-registration, instant notifications upon arrival, and visitor badge generation with photos for identification purposes. The administration staff or employees are notified when the guest arrives, allowing them to offer guests directions to a room or display the directory on the kiosk. It can also be used to manage assets, such as keys and access cards assigned to visitors. Each asset is individually tagged to avoid unauthorized access due to loss or theft.

In the case of emergency evacuation, the administration staff can sign out people off the building premises securely using an electronic verification process. 

What are the core features of visitor management software?

  • Visitor tracking: Record and monitor visitor information, such as name, photo ID, time of arrival/departure, purpose of visit, and contact person within the organization. The feature offers insight into who is entering or leaving the premises. It simplifies visitor registration processes, prints ID badges for visitors, and provides detailed reports on visitor data to enhance security measures within a facility.

  • Contact management: Store and organize visitor data as contact profiles within the system for easily retrieving visitor information in real time. The feature allows sending customized messages or notifications directly from the software platform to simplify communication between the host, administration, and visitor.

What are the benefits of using visitor management software?

  • Automates visitor data collection: Visitor management software automates visitor data collection by digitally capturing and storing visitors' information, including names, contact details, visit times, and the purpose of the visit. This eliminates manual visitor log management, prone to errors and inefficiencies. The tool saves time and ensures accurate record-keeping for security or administrative purposes.

  • Keeps track of visitor history: Automated visitor data collection and profile management offered by a visitor management system creates historical visitor logs. The tracked data provides insights about frequent guests, duration of visits, or peak visiting times to plan and improve operations. It also assists with security by maintaining a record of all individuals who entered the premises at specific times or days in the case of emergency or unauthorized visitor access.

  • Enhances security of premises: Visitor management software provides complete control over who enters and exits a building premises. It checks visitor identities, keeps records of visits, and generates instant alerts for suspicious activities or unauthorized access attempts. This ensures that only authorized individuals can enter the facility, enhancing safety measures significantly.

What are the potential issues with visitor management software?

  • Data privacy concerns: Visitors' personal information, such as names, contact details, and biometrics, is stored and processed in visitor management systems, which could be accessed or misused if not properly protected. If the software lacks strong data protection measures, it may lead to breaches of confidentiality, causing reputational damage and possible legal consequences for businesses.

  • Limited feature customization: Limited customization may not allow business administration staff to tailor the system per their specific needs, such as branding or unique check-in processes. This could prevent businesses from achieving optimal efficiency, security, or guest experience that aligns with the business’s identity and standards.

  • Complex check-in process: If the system’s check-in process is not intuitive with activities, such as entering details, generating tags, or uploading biometrics, it can lead to longer visitor queues. This undermines quick access control and security checks, integral aspects of an effective visitor management solution. It can also negatively affect your organization's professionalism and efficiency, affecting business relationships or customer satisfaction levels.

How much does visitor management software cost?

Most visitor management software products are priced “per month” basis, and their entry-level pricing plan ranges from $2.5 to $389+*. An enterprise product priced higher may include additional features such as integrated payments, meal booking, and ghost reservations.

*The pricing included is for the entry-level/lowest-priced offerings found on vendor websites as of Feb. 06, 2024.

What is visitor management software used for?

A visitor management system centralizes visitor information for the administration staff to enhance the security of the premises. However, the software can have multiple use cases based on the data fed into the system and the tool's features leveraged. Some of them are:

  • Digital signature: A visitor management system lets visitors electronically sign confidentiality agreements or terms of visitation on a touchscreen device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or any other digital screen. This feature enhances security by capturing and storing each visitor's unique signature for repeat visits, future verification, and compliance with policies and procedures. It also minimizes paperwork while providing an eco-friendly solution.

  • Visitor self-check-in and check-out: The visitor management tool enables visitors to sign in and out without needing a receptionist or security staff. It uses an interactive kiosk or a mobile device that captures information about each visitor, such as name, reason for visit, host's details, and other relevant information, enhancing efficiency while maintaining on-site security.

  • Registration management: Visitor management software allows visitors or hosts to pre-register for their arrival. They can add the required visitor details, upload identification documents, electronically sign documents, and print badges beforehand. This automates the check-in process and reduces wait time for visitors in queues.

Which software tools integrate with visitor management software?

A visitor management tool integrates with various solutions for data export and import. We looked across thousands of reviews from the software users to identify the products users frequently mentioned they integrated with their tools:

  • Slack team communication software integrates with a visitor management system to send real-time chat notifications to hosts about their visitors’ arrival and expected wait time. Teams can use the integrated platform to discuss visitor needs, answer questions, and coordinate access or directions directly in the chat thread. 

  • Microsoft Teams is a meeting software tool that integrates with visitor management software to facilitate virtual and in-office visitor meetings. The integrated system automatically grants visitors temporary access based on their meeting details, allowing quick access to designated meeting rooms. 

  • Microsoft Outlook email tracking software integration with a visitor management tool captures visitor email addresses during registration and adds them to the email system for marketing or meeting communication. The integrated system reveals the engagement on emails via clicks, helping the administrator or host to personalize follow-ups or offer marketing material tailored to visitors’ interests. 

  • Okta single sign-on software (SSO) integrates with a visitor management system to strengthen visitation security by providing two-factor authentication instead of a VMS password. This simplifies access control by automatically granting access to visitors based on SSO user roles and pre-approved invitations.

  • Google Calendar scheduling software integrates with visitor management software to schedule virtual or in-person meetings with visitors. The integrated system sends a link to the expected visitors to pre-register themselves and generate and print access badges. Hosts and administrators can gain insights into visitor trends and patterns based on scheduling data, enhancing future meetings and resource allocation.

*We identified these integrations mentioned most often in verified reviews of visitor management software published on Software Advice within the past two years (as of Feb. 06, 2024).

Key considerations when purchasing visitor management software

  • Determine the customization options for visitor badges. Customization options for visitor badges in visitor management software allow businesses to incorporate their branding logos and visitor details for specific tracking. It enhances security by including additional details, such as visit purpose, access level, or time of entry and exit. Customized badges also ensure a professional image, which may improve visitors' perception of the business.

  • Check software scalability for large visitor volumes. Scalability in visitor management software is crucial to handle large volumes of visitors as the business expands. If a business has peak visit periods, the system should be able to cope with increased demand by reducing wait time without compromising performance or affecting the visitor experience.

  • Assess integration capabilities with existing systems. Integration capabilities with existing business administration systems ensure smooth data flow and reduce error-prone manual data entry. It enables seamless sharing of visitor information across security teams, thus improving efficiency while maintaining high accuracy.


Products evaluated for the pricing calculation were taken from Software Advice’s visitor management software. The pricing ranges exclude freemium versions of the products. The features highlighted were identified based on their relevance and the percentage of products in Software Advice's directory that offer them. 


This visitor management software buyers guide was authored by Software Advice’s content team. We develop our guides using the author's expertise, insights from 2M+ unique user reviews, and our proprietary data science algorithms to identify trends in user sentiment, preferences, and priorities. Some text was generated with assistance from artificial intelligence tools.