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Vevox is a cloud-based polling and Q&A platform designed to help educational institutions and businesses improve employee/student engagement via feedback, polls, interactive sessions and more. The application enables organizations...Read more about Vevox


Kahoot! is a learning management system (LMS), which helps schools and higher education institutions create games, interact with students via online sessions, streamline remote learning processes and track class progress via forma...Read more about Kahoot!

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ClassPoint is an all-in-one teaching tool integrated into Microsoft PowerPoint. Designed to help educators teach more efficiently without switching between different apps, ClassPoint adds advanced annotation & presentation tools t...Read more about ClassPoint

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Do you ever feel like your audience is not paying attention during your presentation? Or hybrid meeting? Or during classes? This is not your fault. No matter how interesting your story is, sometimes they lose focus. With Sendstep...Read more about Sendsteps

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QuizWitz is an online application for quiz organizers. QuizWitz allows you to create a seamless multimedia experience for your presentation by including images, audio and video fragments. Playing teams answer questions from their ...Read more about QuizWitz

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myQuiz is a cloud-based audience engagement platform that does not require an app installation. Users can create their own trivia with an easy-to-navigate quiz builder using one of four game modes and various question types. By...Read more about myQuiz

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