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SAS Customer Intelligence 360

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 is a multichannel marketing hub for the modern marketing organization. Offering a suite comprised of modular components (SAS 360 Engage, SAS 360 Discover, SAS 360 Plan, and SAS 360 Match) SAS Customer...Read more about SAS Customer Intelligence 360

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Diggle is a powerful online tool for creating engaging workshops, meetings and training. Teams can create interactive presentations in an intuitive and easy-to-use platform. Diggle provides everything from fun quizzes and multip...Read more about Diggle

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For over 30 years, the team at EventsAir has been developing innovative solutions and services for the event management industry. Creating one of the most comprehensive event management platforms that is trusted by event profess...Read more about EventsAIR

Pigeonhole Live

Pigeonhole Live is a tool that helps organisers run events smoothly. It lets attendees ask questions, vote on topics, and give feedback during events, making the experience more interactive and enjoyable for everyone. Pigeonhole ...Read more about Pigeonhole Live


Mentimeter is a comprehensive way to make every type of presentation more engaging and successful. Run live polls, host quizzes, or get creative with the content and other interactive slide types. Build a series of full dynamic pr...Read more about Mentimeter

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Sizle brings document sharing, analytics and approvals into a collaborative dashboard. Used by teams in over 153 countries....Read more about Sizle

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Echo360 is a hybrid learning and engagement software designed to help businesses in corporate, education, public sector and other industries engage audiences through interactive presentations, polls, virtual classrooms, quizzes an...Read more about Echo360

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DialogLoop is an Audience Engagement Platform for Presenters, Zoomers, Live Streamers, Companies, Performers, and Event Organizers who want to interact with their Audience during Live, Hybrid, and Remote Events. Create Polls, Wor...Read more about DialogLoop

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Ventla is an event management solution. With Ventla, your teams and communities will have the opportunity to distribute information more efficiently, interact and engage with content, and build connections through networking. Vent...Read more about Ventla

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YouGov Surveys: Self-serve

The YouGov Surveys: Self-serve interface allows users to build, distribute and analyse their surveys without any technical expertise. Our approach seamlessly combines the best parts of traditional survey tools with contemporary fe...Read more about YouGov Surveys: Self-serve

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AirVote allows your restroom users themselves to rate how clean they found the restroom. Rating is done via a single scan of a QR smiley. Smileys are usually located within the restroom unit or stall - that's where the customer ...Read more about AirVote


Crowdpurr integrates with Zoom, Webex, MS Teams, and in-person events. Your participants simply scan a QR code on their mobile devices to join in on the fun! Participants answer trivia questions to earn more points and rank higher...Read more about Crowdpurr

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Looking for an easy-to-use, intuitive solution to make meetings and trainings more efficient? Then Opendo product is what you need! The features include drag-and-drop creation, an unlimited number of participants, the ability to ...Read more about Opendo

Learn More is an online event platform allowing companies to host virtual & hybrid events, conferences and trade fairs. The software has been developed in Germany and is fully GDPR compliant. Another highlight feature is the h...Read more about

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ClassPoint is an all-in-one teaching tool integrated into Microsoft PowerPoint. Designed to help educators teach more efficiently without switching between different apps, ClassPoint adds advanced annotation & presentation tools t...Read more about ClassPoint

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AhaSlides is a cloud-based presentation solution designed to help organizations create, edit and manage custom presentations for classrooms, events, conferences, meetings and more. Teams can create presentations with live charts, ...Read more about AhaSlides

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Audience Response Systems

Audience Response Systems is an online voting solution that helps event organizers and trainers conduct online voting, capture audience response, and analyze results from within a unified platform. It allows staff members to creat...Read more about Audience Response Systems

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MeetingPulse is a cloud-based live polling platform that helps businesses engage and communicate with the audience through real-time polling, surveys, quizzes and icebreaking sessions. Hosts can receive feedback from participants ...Read more about MeetingPulse

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Glisser is an audience engagement solution that helps organizations manage virtual meetings, live events, courses and more. The audience Q&A and live polling modules enable users to raise queries, give feedback and visualize opini...Read more about Glisser

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Kahoot! is a learning management system (LMS), which helps schools and higher education institutions create games, interact with students via online sessions, streamline remote learning processes and track class progress via forma...Read more about Kahoot!

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Wisembly is a cloud-based event management solution that enables businesses of all sizes plan, organize and manage workshops, conferences, seminars and more. The platform lets organizations design polls and surveys using images, w...Read more about Wisembly

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If you are a coach, speaker or educator and want to improve your small and medium-sized events, then schnaq is for you! Usually, it's hard to know what your audience is thinking about. With schnaq you can use the live Q&A feature...Read more about schnaq


Do you ever feel like your audience is not paying attention during your presentation? Or hybrid meeting? Or during classes? This is not your fault. No matter how interesting your story is, sometimes they lose focus. With Sendstep...Read more about Sendsteps

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Wooclap is an polling software that helps businesses conduct assessments and receive real-time audience responses to engage students. It is compatible with any teaching model, including traditional, synchronous, asynchronous, dist...Read more about Wooclap

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Ngage allows participants to ask questions, vote in polls and participate in quizzes/discussions using a simple Q&A and polling. You can run interactive remote meetings and improve engagement by integrating live polls, quizzes, an...Read more about Ngage

4.3 (3 reviews)


Texuto is a secure messaging-based engagement platform, providing a safe place for organizations to communicate with audiences such as employees, students or customers. You organize channels and events and invite the participants ...Read more about Texuto

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Vevox is a cloud-based polling and Q&A platform designed to help educational institutions and businesses improve employee/student engagement via feedback, polls, interactive sessions and more. The application enables organizations...Read more about Vevox

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QuizWitz is an online application for quiz organizers. QuizWitz allows you to create a seamless multimedia experience for your presentation by including images, audio and video fragments. Playing teams answer questions from their ...Read more about QuizWitz

4.8 (6 reviews)


youengage is a customer experience platform that helps businesses streamline customer engagement, content marketing and lead generation operations. It enables employees to map customer journeys, interact with customers, manage fee...Read more about youengage

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Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is an on-premise and cloud-based software designed to help corporate businesses, non-profit organizations and educational institutions host remote meetings and capture participants' feedback via polls or surveys. M...Read more about Poll Everywhere

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myQuiz is a cloud-based audience engagement platform that does not require an app installation. Users can create their own trivia with an easy-to-navigate quiz builder using one of four game modes and various question types. By...Read more about myQuiz

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Designed for teachers, instructional technologists, content creators, and professional development coaches, Curipod is a cloud-based presentation tool that helps create gamified lectures and generate educational slides. Curipod ...Read more about Curipod is an AI-powered customer data platform that helps businesses automate enrichment, research, customer insights, firmographics, and behavioral analytics. Its key features include AI personas and behavioral segmentation, ...Read more about

5.0 (2 reviews)


StreamAlive helps users generate more engagement in their live sessions. By using polls, wordclouds, Q&As, spinner wheels, interactive maps, and even emojis, users can keep their audience engaged and tuned in to their session. St...Read more about StreamAlive

4.9 (7 reviews)

Make Opinion

MakeOpinion is a market research platform that bridges the gap between companies and their customers around the world. The platform acts as a bridge between your company and its clients or potential customers. Make Opinion convert...Read more about Make Opinion

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Apteco PeopleStage

Apteco PeopleStage is a campaign automation software that creates, manages, and delivers automated, personalized marketing campaigns across multiple channels. The software orchestrates customer journeys by using triggered messages...Read more about Apteco PeopleStage

4.7 (3 reviews)

Apteco FastStats

FastStats is a data analysis software that allows marketers to gain actionable insights from customer data. The software unifies all customer information into a single view for intelligent data exploration, visualization, and mini...Read more about Apteco FastStats

4.8 (9 reviews)


Pollfish is a market research software designed to help businesses create and distribute custom surveys across multiple channels to collect real-time responses. Key features include data visualization, billing, audience targeting,...Read more about Pollfish

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Slido is a polling and Q&A solution that helps businesses engage meeting participants and gain insights into audience reactions and questions across virtual meetings, webinars, events and conferences. Presenters can filter inappro...Read more about Slido

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