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Storepoint is a store locator solution that helps businesses set up multiple store locations, configure custom branding, add category filters, and more from within a unified platform. It allows staff members to utilize the built-i...Read more about Storepoint

Store Locator Widgets

Store Locator Software is a location-based marketing platform that helps businesses to find customers closer to their location, generate more sales, increase brand awareness and boost brand loyalty. Users can upload locations usi...Read more about Store Locator Widgets


Nextchannel empowers brands to convert their web traffic into sales. With Nextchannel's interactive call-to-action buttons, visitors on a website can easily navigate the retailer's product page, enabling them to purchase products....Read more about Nextchannel

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Moz Local

Moz Local allows you to enhance your visibility in local searches and maximize your online presence through listings and reputation management. Main features include location data distribution, listings management, reputation mana...Read more about Moz Local

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AIO Store Locator

AIO Store Locator solution helps businesses boost up E-commerce traffic and thereby optimizing sales! It is a powerful and blazingly fast store locator tool called "AIO Store Locator". It is a cheap, fast and reliable SaaS (Softwa...Read more about AIO Store Locator

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A complete solution to generate more in-store traffic. It helps increase sales by guiding customers to the product. The white-labeled solution designed to drive more footfall enables teams to book appointments and generate custome...Read more about Findmystore

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Uberall CoreX

uberall is a location intelligence software designed to help businesses in the retail, finance, tourism, automotive and other industries manage customer engagement and conversion across multi-location stores. The platform enables ...Read more about Uberall CoreX

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We live in an eCommerce first world. To win, brands need real-time access to the most valuable data, insights, and tools. MikMak Insights improves marketing effectiveness, drives market share over competitors, and strengthens a br...Read more about MikMak


Yext (NYSE: YEXT) helps organizations answer every question about their business. Yext's Answers Platform collects and organizes content into a Knowledge Graph, then leverages a complementary set of products — including Listings,...Read more about Yext

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TargomoAPI consists of a powerful portfolio of developer tools for high-performant custom maps and geospatial analytics. There are three major areas of application: 1. Create: Users can create custome maps for webapplications, e...Read more about TargomoAPI

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With PinMeTo's marketing and search technology enables companies with many physical locations to manage all steps in the local customer journey, from digital search to physical visit. PinMeTo offers three main products: listings...Read more about PinMeTo

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Where to Buy

Where to Buy is a modern store locator and data tool that can help brands and consumers understand what grocers their products are showing up in and where they can buy them. Drive consumers to purchase online or in-store with dyna...Read more about Where to Buy

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Woosmap is a geolocation API platform that offers search functionality, maps, distance calculation and background location-detection capabilities. It provides access to location data using geocoding capabilities. Woosmap includes...Read more about Woosmap

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Xtreme Locator

Xtreme Locator is a dealer locator service. It helps customers find local dealers that sell and service specific products. Xtreme Locator caters to manufacturers and distributors in a variety of industries, including automotive, r...Read more about Xtreme Locator

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Rio SEO® is the leading provider of an all-in-one local marketing platform proven to increase online visibility, grow e-commerce, and drive in-store revenue for enterprise brands worldwide. In today’s competitive, data-driven loca...Read more about Rio SEO

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Bullseye Store Locator

Bullseye is a cloud-based local marketing software designed to help businesses capture leads and enable customers to find stores based on their location. Using categorization, filtering and search capabilities, clients can quickly...Read more about Bullseye Store Locator


Mapbox is the live location platform preferred by over 4 million developers and powers the location intelligence of platforms, apps, and brands around the world. Mapbox provides global map data, real-time traffic, geocoding and ad...Read more about Mapbox

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RetailTune is a reputation management and marketing analytics solution that helps businesses create, update, publish, and manage content across multiple platforms, such as Google My Business, Facebook Locations, Google Maps, and o...Read more about RetailTune

Jawg Maps

Jawg Maps lets businesses design map that integrates seamlessly into various apps or websites using APIs. The platform's mapping capabilities utilize data from OpenSource and proprietary tools as well as OpenStreetMaps. Additional...Read more about Jawg Maps


BRIDGE, is the proprietary platform of Solocal which allows users to manage their Store Locator as well as their Presence Management. The solution enables a network head and its points of sale to: • benefit from natural referen...Read more about BRIDGE

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