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modusCloud is a cloud-based email security solution that helps managed service providers (MSP), IT resellers and consultants protect business email accounts from spam, targeted phishing and more. Key features include context index...Read more about modusCloud

5.00 (1 reviews)

ESET Cloud Office Security

ESET Cloud Office Security provides advanced protection for users of Microsoft 365 applications with ultimate zero-day threat defense. The combination of spam filtering, anti-malware scanning, anti-phishing and cloud sandboxing he...Read more about ESET Cloud Office Security

4.90 (10 reviews)

Mail Assure

N-able Mail Assure is a cloud-based email security solution designed to help businesses secure incoming and outgoing emails. The protection and filtering engine uses machine learning to protect against various online threats such ...Read more about Mail Assure

4.52 (27 reviews)

Spam Filtering and Malware Protection

Hornetsecurity is a cloud-based security management solution that allows users to manage emails, other file types and web security. The solution helps users protect emails from phishing and ransomware attacks, manage spam in email...Read more about Spam Filtering and Malware Protection

4.63 (19 reviews)


ESET provides modern Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) capabilities via the ESET PROTECT Platform, covering Windows, Mac, Linux and both Android and iOS operating systems. For mobile device management, ESET offers Mobile Device M...Read more about ESET PROTECT

4.80 (10 reviews)


SpamHero offers a cloud-hosted spam filtering solution that can prevent spam and phishing attacks from reaching your domain. With thousands of filters added daily, SpamHero can detect new spam attacks as soon as they appear on the...Read more about SpamHero

4.38 (13 reviews)


ContentCatcher is a cloud-based, anti-spam and email security solution designed to help businesses of all sizes manage and prevent cyber threats. The centralized platform allows businesses to scan email attachments or URLs for mal...Read more about ContentCatcher

5.00 (10 reviews)

MxToolbox Adaptive Blacklist Monitoring

MxToolbox Adaptive Blacklist Monitoring is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses protect their outbound email senders from potential blacklisting. Key features include quarantines, spam filters, reporting and an allow...Read more about MxToolbox Adaptive Blacklist Monitoring

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Malwarebytes for Teams

Malwarebytes for Teams is a cybersecurity solution that provides malware detection and remediation tools for small businesses. It provides malicious website blocking, ransomware blocking, exploitation protection and incident respo...Read more about Malwarebytes for Teams

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Barracuda Sentinel

Barracuda Sentinel is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses protect email accounts from spear phishing, takeover and impersonation. Key features include automated data backup, fraud detection, intent tracking, activit...Read more about Barracuda Sentinel

4.60 (10 reviews)


MailWasher is an on-premise and cloud-based anti-spam solution, which helps small to large organizations view, filter and remove unwanted or suspicious emails from employee accounts. Key features include content inspection, real-t...Read more about MailWasher

4.57 (21 reviews)

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Mailinblack is a cloud-based and on-premise email security solution designed to help businesses monitor incoming emails and protect inboxes from spam or virus attack. It enables administrators to identify threats and use filters t...Read more about Mailinblack

4.60 (10 reviews)


EuropeanMX is a cloud-based security software suitable for businesses of all size. Key features include incoming and outgoing filtering as well as email archiving. The solution can detect cyber attack patterns and spam attempts t...Read more about EuropeanMX

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ESET Endpoint Security

ESET Endpoint Security software is a cloud-based and on-premises application for internet security and malware protection. It has a global user base that comprises businesses of every size. Cloud sandbox technology enables users t...Read more about ESET Endpoint Security

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Trend Micro Smart Protection Complete Suite

Trend Micro's Enterprise Security Suite(ESS) is a security management solution that offers in-solution or managed endpoint detection and response. Trend Micro's ESS offers endpoint security, internet gateway, mail server and file ...Read more about Trend Micro Smart Protection Complete Suite

4.10 (73 reviews)

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Defencebyte Antimalware is an on-premise security solution that offers tools to defend individual devices from malware attacks. Key features include detecting malicious items, system scan scheduling and network protection through ...Read more about Defencebyte

2.50 (4 reviews)


Zerospam is a cloud-based email security software designed to help businesses detect potential threats across emails, including DOS attacks, malware, phishing, ransomware and more. Professionals can identify harmful attachments in...Read more about Zerospam

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SPAMfighter Exchange Module

SPAMfighter is an on-premise solution that assists small to medium sized businesses with identifying and preventing spam, phishing, malware and email fraud. Key features include language filtering, statistics, account protection a...Read more about SPAMfighter Exchange Module

4.29 (17 reviews)


ORF is an easy-to-use and versatile spam filter for IIS SMTP and Microsoft Exchange. The platform offers layered protection, multiple filtering points, self-learning whitelisting, SURBL and DNS Blacklists support, email authentica...Read more about ORF

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Security Gateway by MDaemon

Security Gateway by MDaemon is an anti-spam software designed to help businesses in the healthcare, finance, education, government, transportation and manufacturing sectors detect threats and protect email servers against spam, ph...Read more about Security Gateway by MDaemon

4.93 (15 reviews)