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Red Points

Red Points is the most widely used solution to combat online fraud. Over 1,200 companies rely on our AI-led technology to fight online counterfeits, piracy, and impersonation. They leverage Red Points to recover their digital re...Read more about Red Points


A Real IP Operations SaaS Solution HeliosComplete is the first of its kind Software-as-a-Service solution for patents, designs and trademarks that combines world class technology with expert support services in an integrated packa...Read more about HeliosComplete

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Alt Legal

Alt Legal is a cloud-based automated trademark docketing software that offers an integrated solution for managing intellectual property (IP) matters. With the ability to connect to over 180 Intellectual Property offices, Alt Legal...Read more about Alt Legal


Leading case management software, empowering brand and IP protection professionals in their daily work. Empower your team to work smarter and focus on making an impact. Utilize advanced target matching, visualize real-time data w...Read more about Origo

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PatentCAM is a web-based marketing software designed to help legal and research and development (R&D) teams monitor and analyze patent landscapes. The platform allows administrators to categorize technical information and map pate...Read more about PatentCAM

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Vitrium Security

Vitrium is a cloud-based document management and digital rights management (DRM) solution that empowers businesses to securely store and share confidential sensitive files with trusted parties with ease, online and offline, withou...Read more about Vitrium Security

IAMIP Platform

IAMIP Platform is an easy-to-use Intellectual Property software. With IamIP you can access all patents in the world, translate them into any language, monitor competitors or specific technologies, capture patent documents, get dat...Read more about IAMIP Platform

Patent Monitor

Patent Monitor is a patent analysis solution designed to help businesses protect property rights using artificial intelligence technology. Users can define target categories to assess relevance for the organization. Patent Monito...Read more about Patent Monitor

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Lead IP Next

Designed for businesses prefer intuitive and user-friendly platforms, Lead IP Next is a trusted partner for intellectual property (IP) management. No confusing jargon, no steep learning curves – just straightforward IP contact man...Read more about Lead IP Next

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Trama provides IP professionals with a trademark management platform. The solution assists users with end-to-end opposition covering search, drafting, filing, monitoring and portfolio management. Trama also offers registration pro...Read more about Trama

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Equinox IPMS

Equinox IPMS is a powerful all-in-one intellectual property (IP) management system that's easy to use and scales with you. With a unique tech-first approach to IP management, this platform helps IP professionals keep on top of de...Read more about Equinox IPMS


Scanmarket is a contract and compliance management solution for businesses of all sizes designed to help streamline the entire contract lifecycle, from compliance delivery to risk mitigation and resource planning. Key features inc...Read more about Scanmarket


Provakil is a cloud-based contract management software. It is designed for legal departments and law firms. Provakil streamlines the entire contract lifecycle from drafting to execution to renewal and storage. Key features includ...Read more about Provakil

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Wellspring IP Management

Wellspring IP Management is a cloud-based intellectual property management platform that helps manage licensing, contracts, disclosures and more. It serves to ensure that intellectual property is managed in a way that respects the...Read more about Wellspring IP Management

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The easiest and most cost-effective way to file your trademark and protect your brand and your business, no matter what your size is. Digip gives you a unique access to an all-in-one trademark management platform where you can reg...Read more about digip

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Patricia is a comprehensive, all-in-one web-based IP management solution for small to medium-sized businesses and their legal teams. With the ability to handle cases through documentation, cost estimation, invoicing, and more, Pat...Read more about Patricia

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WebTMS is a cloud-based intellectual property management tool that lets businesses handle trademarks, create contracts, and more from a unified platform. With WebTMS, staff members can simplify tasks, view trademark records, and m...Read more about WebTMS

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Rightsline is a cloud-based solution that helps legal, sales and finance teams handle catalogues, deals, inventory and royalties across intellectual properties and digital assets via a unified portal. The platform enables owners t...Read more about Rightsline


Cypris is an actionable market intelligence tool that connects R&D and innovation teams to the global innovation ecosystem. The platform gathers, organizes and analyzes over 500M+ data points from 150+ countries every day, from so...Read more about Cypris

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CopyKitten Air is a cloud-based IP Rights Protection Softwar using the latest technologies from search, tracking and monitoring. The system used unique smart algorithms to detect and protect your brand while also providing an ince...Read more about CopyKitten

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