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About AppOptics

AppOptics is an application performance management solution designed to help businesses monitor infrastructure for servers, containers and hosts using dashboards, alerts, data visualization capabilities and more. Developers can monitor IT implementations and receive notifications about performance threshold violations. AppOptics lets organizations filter and group data across cloud environments in real-time and use host or container views to drill down into resource utilization, processes and services. The platform supports multiple frameworks and libraries such as Java, .NET, Ruby, Python, Scala, Node.js and PHP, among others. Additionally, businesses can visualize metrics related to memory, disk, CPU and network according to requirements. AppOptics facilitates integ...

AppOptics Pricing

Infrastructure Monitoring: $9.99/host/mo Infrastructure & Application Monitoring: $24.99/host/mo Billed annually, monthly billing available. Prices in USD as of 11/2/2020. Sold in packs of 10 hosts, 100 containers.

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$9.99 per month

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Not Available

AppOptics dashboards
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