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About Conic Security

Conic Security is a cloud-based solution that allows organizations to manage the registration and sign-on of customers through single sign-on (SSO) via a unified portal. It offers various features such as integration with existing IT systems, automated health checks and monitoring of sign-on activity, custom reporting, audit trails and more. Conic Security allows users to access the portal from mobile devices. It offers support for LDAP integration and provides a self-service portal for users to create their own user accounts. The platform allows users to update and handle configurations of security measures, applications interactions, identity providers and more via a centralized dashboard.

Conic Security Pricing

Pricing is based on monthly users based on a multi-tenant implementation. Options for single tenant are available based on customized pricing dependent on volume. Test/Trial/Development environments are available

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$0.01 per month

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Not Available

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