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About Luniverse

Luniverse is a blockchain platform, which enables businesses in gaming, retail, supply chain and other sectors to deploy, manage and build solutions using blockchains. Organizations can use REST APIs and templates to track transaction history and generate smart contracts. Luniverse allows startups to backup and retrieve private keys, customize wallets according to requirements and control access to specific resources via user management. Businesses can secure transactions through whitelists and use a centralized dashboard to monitor chain and node information, among other blockchain data. Additionally, users can create loyalty rewards programs with tokenization to improve engagement with employees. Luniverse lets businesses analyze customers' consumption habits and ga...

Luniverse Pricing

Luniverse is offered across the following pricing plans: Dev: $1480 per month and $11270 per year Service: $3580 per month and $27300 per year Premium: $5670 per month and $43340 per year

Starting price: 

$1,480.00 per month

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