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N.Rich is a company established in Helsinki, Finland in 2016. It offers an ABM advertising platform that enables the display channel for B2B companies. You can use it to segment your target account list and deliver personalised advertising via native-article, Google and programmatic video display ads. With N.Rich you can see intent beyond your website visits, having access to advertising interaction metrics split by accounts. You can use that to optimize your ads and generate more clicks, increasing your chances to generate leads. N.Rich is the best ABM advertising tool for your full B2B marketing funnel - a great addition to your existing marketing stack and core to an extensive performance advertising strategy. Customers that switch to N.Rich mention lower CPA and ...

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3-month proof of concept (trial) prior to 12 months or 24 months agreement. Pay only for the advertising. No platform, sign-up, on-boarding or other one time fees.

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Scaling ABM ad inventory. Directly manage your ABM campaigns and analytics yourself. Use our ad builder to generate hundreds of advertising assets with automatic A/B testing.
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