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Rephop is a cloud-based accounting solution for small and midsize groups suitable for all industries. The software offers financial planning, consolidation and reporting.

Rephop’s solution is best suited to groups with multiple locations, as the solution is accessible online and doesn’t require a separate mobile app. Core features include standalone and group budgets, forecasts and reports with various comparisons, customized reports and layouts, planning models to automate different budget processes and automated consolidation features.

Planning models can be imported into Rephop from Excel, and models can be constructed with financial and non-financial data. Models can be created for various industries or regions, and the planning manager feature provides an overview of the planning process.

Pricing is per group per month. Support is available via email.


Rephop - Defined eliminations
  • Rephop - Defined eliminations
    Defined eliminations
  • Rephop - Group consolidation
    Group consolidation
  • Rephop - Compare transactions
    Compare transactions
  • Rephop - Income statements
    Income statements
  • Rephop - Quick overview
    Quick overview
  • Rephop - Subsidiary consolidation
    Subsidiary consolidation
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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