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AppDynamics is an AI-powered application performance management (APM) platform that provides businesses with complete observability over the performance of their IT infrastructure. Unifying full-stack performance monitoring, AppDy... Read more

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Amazon EC2 Spot

Amazon EC2 Spot provides businesses with EC2 instances to launch and run various applications such as CI/CD, big data, containerized workloads, web servers and high-performance computing (HPC) systems. It enables DevOps teams to i... Read more


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Flagsmith is an open source Feature Flag and Remote Config service. Use our hosted API, deploy to your own private cloud, or run on-premise. Flagsmith makes it easy to create and manage features flags across web, mobile, and serv... Read more


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CircleCI helps users automate the software development process using continuous integration and delivery. The tool builds software using custom job orchestration with workflows. CircleCI can be configured to deploy code to va... Read more

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CodeNOW is an application development solution that helps businesses create, deploy, monitor and maintain the health of web applications via a unified platform. It enables software developers to streamline the software delivery li... Read more


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Buddy is designed specifically for web developers to aid with CI/CD and application development. It allows users to build, test, and deploy applications using more than 100 pre-built actions to help automate deployment pipelines. ... Read more

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Incredibuild is a cloud-based and on-premise platform designed to help small to large organizations manage compilation, testing and release automation processes while building applications. Features include continuous integration,... Read more


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Jira Software is a business process management tool used by agile teams to plan, track and release software. Jira Software supports Scrum, Kanban, a hybrid model or another unique workflow. Jira enables users to create projec... Read more

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GitHub is a project management and code sharing platform that allows users to share their codes with others and create/iterate using collective intelligence. The software can be used for different kinds of coding assignments inclu... Read more


Bitbucket is a collaborative Git solution that allows users to review codes with pull requests. Users can have discussions with coders in the source code with inline comments. The software provides a multi-deployment option as it ... Read more

Anypoint Platform

Anypoint Platform is an application development solution for organizations that are looking to integrate applications, data sources and devices using application programming interfaces (API). The solution is suitable for industrie... Read more


Jenkins is an open-source automation server that provides businesses with multiple plugins to create, deploy and automate the delivery of any projects. It enables IT professionals to implement continuous integration or continuous ... Read more


GitLab is a cloud-based project management platform that allows software developers to develop and manage codes collaboratively. The platform can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud. GitLab helps developers manage t... Read more


Rollbar is a cloud-based bug tracking and monitoring solution that caters to organizations of all sizes. Rollbar supports multiple programming languages and frameworks like JavaScript, Python, .NET, Drupal, Wordpress and Pyramid. ... Read more


VersionOne is a cloud-based agile application lifecycle management (ALM) solution that helps businesses engage stakeholders and track and report across various software portfolios, programs and projects. VersionOne features a... Read more


Codeship is a cloud-based application development platform that helps businesses with continuous integration and deployment of applications such as Node.js, Ruby, PHP and Python. Designed for small to large businesses, the platfor... Read more


LaunchDarkly is an application development solution that helps organizations manage feature flags and toggle management operations. It allows employees to conduct A/B tests, analyze the performance of software and evaluate feature... Read more

Puppet Enterprise

Puppet Enterprise is an IT management solution that helps businesses handle IT infrastructure configuration and regulate compliance processes. It enables IT professionals to streamline security management operations in compliance ... Read more

Pluralsight Flow

GitPrime is a cloud-based productivity analytics solution that helps software development firms of all sizes get insights into project progress, productivity, workflow and more with objective metrics, KPIs and graphs. The platform... Read more


AWS CloudFormation

AWS CloudFormation is designed to help businesses create a collection of AWS resources by provisioning and updating the data. The platform allows DevOps teams to automatically create cloud infrastructure and related application mo... Read more