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Countasign is a cloud-based electronic signature solution which provides businesses with tools to execute agreements, contracts and other documents through electronic signature capture and document management.

Countasign includes a real-time dashboard, which allows users to track the status of documents, follow up with counter-signees and monitor other metrics. Signed documents comply with the eSign Act and eIDAS. The solution features an alerts and notifications module, which helps users to send reminders about pending documents to their counter-signees.

Countasign also offers features such as audit logs, document overviews, multi-party signing and built-in templates. Mobile applications for iOS and Android devices allow users to access the solution remotely.

Services are offered on a monthly or annual subscription basis that includes support via phone and email.


Countasign - Dashboard
  • Countasign - Dashboard
  • Countasign - List of signees
    List of signees
  • Countasign - View document
    View document
  • Countasign - Upload
  • Countasign - Signatures
  • Countasign - Choose signees
    Choose signees
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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