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ANSA Patch Manager is a patch and security management solution designed for business of all sizes. It offers antivirus integration, agent-based patch management, compliance and popularity management functionalities within a suite. The product’s on-premise deployment option is available for Windows and Linux.

ANSA Patch Manager offers integration with McAfee ePO software, which allows users to manage dashboards, databases, security and patching from within the solution itself. The product also features agent-based patch management, which allows users to manage security measures for desktop and laptop users. Users can also implement timelines to manage the deployment of security patches.

ANSA Patch Manager allows users to manage patches from third-party providers, such as Adobe, Java, Chrome and Firefox. The product is scalable and allows users to add others when needed. The patch scheduling functionality allows users to define audiences for patch deployment, such as individuals, teams and company-wide updates.


ANSA Patch Manager - Power management
  • ANSA Patch Manager - Power management
    Power management
Supported Operating System(s):
Linux, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 10

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