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About SOLIXCloud ECS

SOLIXCloud ECS is a cloud content and file sharing solution that helps businesses store, organize, govern and share enterprise content. With SOLIXCloud ECS, organizations streamline processes related to file storage and sharing and department and application-based file archiving. It also provides a governed cloud repository for content-driven applications. It lets staff members manage collaboration processes via secure file sharing, commenting, tagging, annotations, watermarks, and redactions. Additionally, IT and governance teams can handle petabytes of unstructured content with advanced functionalities, including content management, progressive legal hold, progressive retention, versioning, progressive classification, encryption, audit reports, redaction, and user ...

SOLIXCloud ECS Pricing

SOLIXCloud ECS' pricing starts at $0.24 per GB. A 30-day free trial is available.

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$0.24 per month

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Not Available

Folder Details  - With self-service capabilities, you can enable easy file storage and file sharing across your organization effectively. Enforce information governance policies to ensure compliance with internal and external needs.
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