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Packback is a cloud-based platform designed to help educational institutions improve student engagement through online communities and discussion threads. Teaching assistants (TAs) can use the Feed IQ functionality to sort, retrieve, highlight and pin relevant posts from the community database.

Supervisors can automatically monitor question threads to review community discussions and detect plagiarism, closed-ended statements, abusive language and more. Instructors can enhance learning experiences whilst maintaining compliance with PCI and FERPA regulations. Additionally, teachers can generate grading reports with details such as students' participation scores, name, email address, section and ID.

Packback facilitates i...

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Web browser (OS agnostic)

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May 2021

Noah from Iowa State University

Company Size: 1 employee

Industry: E-Learning

Time Used: Less than 6 months

Review Source: Capterra



Value for money


Customer support




May 2021

Worthless software and a waste of money

It is horrible. No benefit, just a waste of time every week and a waste of $25 per student per semester for a crappy, poorly designed software. Never use it, please. Use anything else.


It's interesting to mess with the algorithm and see how dumb it really is.


It's a huge waste of money and is worthless. The design of the software and the algorithm is blatantly lazy. There is no quality check by the AI whatsoever, it is incredibly simplistic. You can write utter nonsense and get 100 points from the AI much easier than you can get 100 points by writing an actual high quality post (I know because I have tried both). It also incentivizes professors to be lazy and not actually read the posts. I even flagged my own post and nobody ever reviewed it; it was only reviewed by an AI bot and I just reposted the same nonsense I wrote before and still got my 100 points.