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About External User Manager

External User Manager is an app for managing guest users in Microsoft Teams. One of two main features is an integrated, fully automated request process and approval workflow allowing users to invite new external guests. Team owners or administrators can then decide if the request should be approved or denied. The second main feature is the customizable onboarding and compliance portal that new guest users need to go through before joining your Teams environment. Here you can create metadata fields and ask the external users for more information. It is also possible to upload NDA and GDPR agreements that the guest has to sign, as well as information about your company or even videos. If you need to download the signed documents for verification purposes, you can do so a...

External User Manager Pricing

There are different pricing options depending on the number of users and necessary features. The standard edition prices are: 1-249 users - 1,307 € per year // 250-999 users - 3,287 € per year // 1,000 - 4,000 users - 5,267 € per year // > 4,000 users - 1.32 € per user per year. — There is also an Enterprise edition with high-level features intended for major companies. For more details, please contact Solutions2Share.

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€1,500.00 per year

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External User Manager helps you keep control of your Microsoft Teams by giving guest users access in a legally safe way.
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