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SplashCollect is a cloud-based and on-premise software designed to help businesses streamline debt collection and management operations. The platform enables organizations to view overdue accounts, customer interactions, contracts, account distribution and other debt related information via a unified portal. SplashCollect provides a 360-degree view of clients, enabling administrators to track debts, invoices, advance payments, client profiles, penalties and Days Past Due (DPD) details. It offers a host of features such as dedicated dashboards for managers and agents, configurable workflows, real-time updates, customizable email and SMS templates and more. Additionally, the built-in ticketing system allows enterprises to automatically create and close tickets based on s...

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Company size: 2-10 employees

Industry: Management Consulting

Time used: Less than 12 months

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August 2019

Excellent solution for financial services and operations

Manual tracking of customer's details, contracts, financials and previous interactions became quite cumbersome as the company grew. We realised that we will need a solution that will unify the data from heterogenous sources and give us better control and visibility but also enable us to communicate more efficiently and automate the manual tasks such as sending contract renewal reminders and payment info. Cost was something to consider too and in our research other solutions were much more expensive than SplashCollect and had limited functionalities in terms of unifying/integrating with systems in place. SplashCollect gave us exactly what we needed (and more) under much lower cost.


We have chosen SplashCollect for the quality in building and implementing the software solution aimed at managing financial services and overall business operations. SplashCollect proven to be an ideal solution for managing debt collection and payment processing and it also helped us improve substantially on the internal collaboration as well as communication with clients as the solution is designed to help track the collection process for outstanding invoices in a more efficient and less time-consuming manner. The predefined reminder templates for e-mail are sent automatically to customers, depending on the invoice status, which reduced the effort in our financial department and also decreased communication costs. Furthermore by having a complete overview of our clients, their contract status, interaction history and invoicing history in one place we spent less time in creating reports and analysing data. For Duke Enterprise this means fewer issues to solve and more time to handle new projects. Last but not least, since the solution is based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365, it makes it very easy and affordable to integrate with other systems and also very easy to use, so there`s less time needed for training of new users. In addition, SplashCollect lowered our operational costs by protecting the investment made in existing solutions, giving us higher business productivity and efficiency.


We had a few issues with the first installation and connectivity to Dynamics but SplashDev warned us about it in advance so it was to be expected, as when introducing any new system. Since then we haven't encountered any problems and we are quite happy with the overall results.