cFlow is a forms automation software suitable for businesses of any size. Users can create their own workflows to manage their work requirements through a workflow designer. The designer helps users create their own form fields, process steps and workflow rules. The solution can be deployed either as a cloud-based solution or as on-premise.

cFlow enables users to link lookup tables, auto-populate fields, provide context-sensitive help and create business rules. The solution offers multiple templates with pre-defined workflows that can be modified by users according to their requirements. The solution displays daily reminders and notifications on users’ screens to improve productivity.

cFlow provides an admin interface where users can track how much time the workflow template has saved over manual processes and indicates areas for improvement. The solution secures users' data by encrypting it with SSL security. The solution provides advanced password policy features like multi-factor authentication, password expiry timelines and non-repeatable passwords. Support is provided via online forum and email.

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