Software Advice Definitions Glossary


The following Definitions Glossary (the “Glossary”) may be updated at any time at the discretion of us or our Affilates and incorporates definitions for all capitalized terms used in our Legal Terms, Guidelines and Policies.

The Glossary is incorporated by this reference into all of our Legal Terms, Guidelines and Policies.


  • Accounts: There are two types of Accounts. User Accounts are created by individual users and can be removed at the User’s convenience. Vendor Accounts include information about a Vendor (both basic and upgraded) collected and maintained as company records for purposes of administration of the services, content management and back office administration of our Sites. Because we create Vendor Accounts for purposes of managing our online services, these Accounts are non-cancellable.

  • Affiliate: Any entity that, directly or indirectly through one or more intermediaries, controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with us.

  • Basic Listing: A free-of-charge Product Listing that does not generate conversions, clicks, or leads.

  • Basic Vendor: A vendor listed on our Sites that has not upgraded its account to PPC and/or PPL.

  • Campaign: A lead generation program tied to a Vendor Account providing Clicks and/or Leads to a vendor at an agreed-upon rate

  • Click: An action taken by a User that results in the User reaching the website or Landing Page of a vendor participating in our Pay Per Click program.

  • Click Report: A dashboard in the Vendor Portal providing vendors with pertinent information such as the number of Clicks generated per month, the average cost of the Clicks, as well as the total monthly spend for Click activity.

  • Conversion Tracking: Proprietary technology used to determine if a Click has converted into a Lead.

  • Editorial Guidelines: Rules that govern the posting of Product Listings in our software directory.

  • Landing Page: The specific webpage and corresponding URL that is provided by the vendor or created by GDM's Landing Page Team that is used in connection with GDM PPC online lead generation campaigns.

  • Leads: All information of or pertaining to a user interested in purchasing the services of an Upgraded Vendor, which is collected or otherwise secured by us in accordance with applicable law; and which is owned by us.

  • Modified Product Listings: Product Listings that have been changed or updated by Vendor or us in accordance with the Guidelines for Product Listings.

  • Our Content: All Sites, tools, templates and related proprietary materials developed and owned by us and our Affiliates, including without limitation, User Content, Third Party Content and Leads.

  • Partner: Any external, third party website under contract with us to drive impressions, conversions, and/or leads for Upgraded Vendor campaigns.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC): Lead generation program in which Upgraded Vendor pays us for each legitimate user who clicks through online advertisements to Upgraded Vendor’s website or landing page.

  • Pay Per Lead (PPL): Lead generation program in which Upgraded Vendor pays us for phone-verified, qualified leads.

  • Product Information: Collectively includes without limitation: Product Listings, Product Profiles and any other product-related information developed by us, now and in the future ordinary course of our business.

  • Product Listings: High level descriptions of Vendor’s products (including vendor name & logo, product name & description, screenshots) created by us or Vendor and featured in our online software directories.

  • Product Profiles: Detailed listings describing Vendor’s products (including vendor name & logo, product name, screenshots, short/unique description, reviews) featured in our online software directories.

  • Programs: Any programs developed by us for our Upgraded Vendors or Users, including without limitation: the PPC and/or PPL lead-generation programs operated by us for our Upgraded Vendors, our Reviews Program and our Reviews as a Service (RaaS) Program.

  • Ratings: Any portion of a User-submitted review, or a submission independent of a review, that uses a scaled score value to indicate an opinion about a vendor’s product and/or service.

  • Reviews: Any User-submitted content conveying an opinion about a vendor’s product and/or service that may contain both quantitative ratings as well as qualitative text.

  • Services: Collectively includes, without limitation, all of our proprietary products and services, including applications, tools and Programs, which are accessible via our Sites, both for Users and for Vendors.

  • Site(s): Also known as Websites, any property (website or landing page) owned or licensed by us, our Affiliates, Vendor, Partner or authorized Third Party to provide the Services hereunder.

  • Source Tracking: The ability to determine which of our Sites has provided a Lead through unique parameters appended to the URL of a Vendor participating in our Pay Per Click or Pay Per Lead programs.

  • Third Party: Any third party with which we cooperate to deploy the Programs and Services, including without limitation: Partners, service providers and Affiliates.

  • Upgraded Vendor Listing: Product Listings that generate conversions, clicks, or leads for paying Vendors.

  • User: A user of our Sites, whether or not registered, who accesses and uses our Services or submits content, such as reviews. Users may include, without limitation, potential software buyers, customers, vendors, industry insiders, or media relations.

  • User Content: Any information, including without limitation User Reviews and related content and materials, which is submitted to our Sites by a User.

  • Vendor: A software vendor (Basic/free or Upgraded/paying) that is listed on our Sites.

  • Vendor Content: Information provided to us by Vendor in connection with our Programs and Services, including without limitation: updates to Product Listings, landing pages, infographics, reports, blog posts.

  • Vendor Portal: The web-accessible gateway for Vendors to engage with our Sites and Services.