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About Hinfo

Hinfo is ushering in a new mobile and contactless guest digital solution so that guests can stay connected and informed during the stay. With the majority of smartphone users spending almost all the time using mobile apps each day, it only makes sense to offer the property/local area details in this same format. Gone are the days of requiring a printed in-room compendium to deliver guest directory details, which are susceptible to damage with general use and consume a lot of time and effort to clean each one regularly in this post-pandemic world and to deliver any information updates, no matter how small they may be. Every adult staying at your property has a smartphone and potentially brings additional devices with them, to use during the stay.

Hinfo Pricing

Pricing is calculated based on the number of rooms available at the property. Please enquire with Hinfo directly if you have multiple types of accommodation and/or manage holiday homes/vacation rentals.

Starting price: 

A$25.00 per month

Free trial: 

Not Available

Free version: 

Not Available

Hinfo Guest Digital Compendium - Mobile App on iPhone 13 Pro Max - Stay Connected During Your Stay

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