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About Synesty

Synesty Studio is a cloud middleware that allows you to automate business processes and connect different API interfaces and software systems by drag&drop. The whole thing works directly in the browser and you can realize many processes without programming (low-code). An integrated scripting language is also available for complex use cases. A typical use case in e-commerce is the data exchange between store, ERP and supplier systems. The software is aimed at store managers and agencies, for example, who use it to automate business processes and are flexible and independent thanks to the "do it yourself" approach. Ready-made modules and templates are available for connecting the various systems, so that you can get started immediately. A free and unlimited test phase i...

Synesty Pricing

Besides the prices for the different packages, there are also prices for the add-ons and the use of resources, such as: Traffic, Datastore Storage and Connector-Steps.

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