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Software Advice Versus – Infusionsoft vs. Salesforce

Software Advice Versus helps you narrow down the field, so you can choose the best CRM platform for your needs. We’ll compare multiple variables that go into your decision making process when comparing Infusionsoft vs. Salesforce. Discover how Infusionsoft and Salesforce compare with regards to: Pricing Applications Ease of Use Support Download your white paper […]

What Is a Help Desk and How Is It Different From Your CRM?

“Hard,” “awful,” “painful,” “frustrating” and “minefield.” In a CEB survey that asked thousands of executives to describe in one word their experiences purchasing software-solutions, these are the words that rose to the top. What makes a software purchase so frustrating? The same survey found that 65 percent of customers “spent as much time as they’d […]

3 Future Technologies You Should Prepare for Yesterday

In today’s business technology climate, choosing software and planning for the future are one and the same. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are hard to understand. For many businesses, they seem nearly impossible to prepare for. But there’s one simple, hard fact about these futuristic technologies that you can understand. And it’s a fact that […]