Katherine McDermott is a product marketing expert in B2B technology and SaaS.

Benefits of Modular Construction

Jan 31, 2024

Build faster, smarter, and greener with modular construction. Reduce costs, improve quality, and go sustainable. Discover the benefits for your next project.


What Is a POS System? An In-Depth Exploration

Sep 26, 2023

Learn all you need to know about a POS system. Find out about the software and hardware components, features, benefits, and questions to ask before buying the software.


How To Choose the Right Learning Delivery Format

Jun 30, 2023

Learn about different learning delivery methods, their key considerations and challenges, and gain insights on how to choose the right format for you.


Benefits of Social Media Marketing: Enhance Your Business Initiatives

Jun 28, 2023

Discover the advantages of social media marketing for your business. Enhance your marketing initiatives with effective social media management tools and software.