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DPL Professional offers a uniquely scalable, graphical Influence Diagram and Decision Tree modeling interface within which users can efficiently model an unlimited number of uncertain variables. By applying DPL to their decision-problems, analysts and decision makers can structure alternatives and weigh a full range of possible outcomes in order to choose the strategic path that best achieves current business objectives. From explicit decision framing to sensitivity analyses to complex model build-out and, finally, the generation of insightful, presentation-ready results, DPL Professional has all your bases covered. Unique features include: -Decision Trees- Articulates the formal structure and chronology of how the decision and uncertainties will unfold over time -In...

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DPL Professional Model: Decision Problem Framing A DPL model is a unique combination of a Decision Tree and an Influence Diagram, allowing you the ability to build scalable, intuitive decision analytic models that precisely reflect your real-world problem
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