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Testsigma is a unified, cloud-based test automation platform for Agile teams. It enables you to write automated tests in plain English, for web and mobile apps, and APIs. Users can also conduct parallelize tests by browsers and de...Read more about Testsigma

Tricentis Vera

Tricentis Vera is a digital validation solution designed to help businesses effectively manage their software validation processes while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. One of the key features of Tricentis Vera is...Read more about Tricentis Vera

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qTest is a cloud-based test management software that offers a variety of functionalities to help businesses test their applications, websites and other digital products. Its automated testing functionality allows users to find bug...Read more about qTest


Tuskr is a modern cloud-based test management software that provides enterprise-class features and deep integrations. The software allows teams to manage their QA testing efficiently via a unified portal. You can easily create tes...Read more about Tuskr

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Test Lodge

Test Lodge is an online test management tool that helps businesses handle test plans, cases, and runs. Software testing teams can access real-time updates through activity feeds, dashboards, graphs, and reports to quickly check th...Read more about Test Lodge

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Test Case Management system is a web-based testing tool that allows users to structure test projects in the best way. Its features include: - Seamless automated tests synchronization. - Multi-environment and parallel ...Read more about


Modern cloud-based TestOps platform built for QA and Dev teams, which helps to boost software testing efforts....Read more about Qase


Xray introduces Native Quality Management, naturally embedding the quality management process into the development workflow. With Native Quality Management, all QA tools, tests and processes are infused into the development enviro...Read more about Xray

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Testmo is a test management platform that enables businesses to handle test cases, runs, and results. It supports exploratory testing and facilitates integration with various third-party tools such as GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Ji...Read more about Testmo

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TestRail Test Case Management is a cloud-based platform that allows users to manage, track and organize software tests. TestRail Test Case Management’s key features comprise modern test management, test results tracking, repo...Read more about TestRail

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IBM Engineering Test Management

IBM Engineering Test Management is a quality management solution that enables businesses with test planning and asset management processes. It provides real-time reporting, allowing teams to improve project schedules. IBM Enginee...Read more about IBM Engineering Test Management

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BrowserStack is a leading software testing platform powering over two million tests every day across 19 global data centers. BrowserStack helps Tesco, Shell, NVIDIA, Discovery, Wells Fargo, and over 50,000 customers deliver qualit...Read more about BrowserStack

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DevSuite by TechExcel is a cloud-based asset lifecycle and business process management solution that helps businesses with designing, developing, testing and knowledge sharing. The tool can also be deployed on-premise and supports...Read more about DevSuite


ProjectOne is a project management solution that helps businesses with team management, task tracking, and objectives planning. The main features of ProjectOne include release management, workflow management, alerts and notificati...Read more about ProjectOne

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