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About Trackboxx

Trackboxx is a tool that offers a user-friendly and efficient way to track and analyze website traffic. It allows you to monitor website visitors without the need for consent banners and is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act. In addition, Trackboxx comes equipped with special features such as outgoing link tracking, conversion and utm tracking, detailed user journey insights, and e-commerce tracking capabilities. These features make it easier to get a comprehensive view of website traffic and user behavior. Overall, Trackboxx is a useful tool for businesses and website owners who want to keep track of website visitors without compromising on data protection regulations.

Trackboxx Pricing

Trackboxx is available via the following plans: Free - €0 per month Starter - €5 per month or €50 per year Business - €14 per month or €140 per year Premium - €28 per month or €280 per year

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€5.00 per month

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