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Trust Swiftly is a cloud-based identity verification platform that helps businesses verify their customers with over 10 identity checks. Organizations in finance, marketplaces, real estate and other verticals can enhance their onboarding processes with step-up authentication covering SMS OTP to facial biometrics. Trust Swiftly lets users customize the verification experience with multiple flows and checks to automate your customers' (KYC) compliance and protect them from online fraud. Integrations with 3rd party fraud tools can enhance machine learning models to fight complex fraud attacks.

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Reviewed April 2021

Best verification platform available

Trust Swiftly has become our go to tool for escalated reviews and verifications. Our business deals with some of the most advanced fraudsters worldwide so we needed a tool that would work now as well as the future. In the year that we have been using their platform they added a few more verifications that were especially useful during the explosion of fraud due to COVID. We started dealing with ATOs and malware aided attacks that even our multiple machine learning softwares didn't detect. In the end we staved off it using a combination of methods in which Trust Swiftly was instrumental to the defense. I do think their platform is geared to more mature fraud teams and digital goods. Having the extra automation was nice to have and freed up our teams time to be more proactive. We also had to meet with their team a few times to know who, when, and why a verification should be used. We didn't think all their methods were useful but having them as backup is reassuring for the future. Another benefit is we have been striving for better financial inclusion and diversity acceptance so having these alternative verifications helped us provide more opportunities. Our customer surveys also have improved a few points too as our prior process of fragmented tools and restrictive options left some scathing remarks. The financial benefits through increased sales and decreased opex is where we saw Trust Swiftly provide the ROI to our business.


Well to start we found their different verifications increased our conversions dramatically. Before our team was being way to strict with our customers and requiring extensive KYC. This turned off so many long term customers that we were stagnant. We had to turn it around fast and needed a solution that was quick to deploy with an extensive set of features. No other vendor was as digital first as Trust Swiftly with their solutions. We interact exclusively online and cover almost every country which meant we needed a flexible system for each location and risk factor. We liked the fact that they had some different ways to verify a customer meaning we provided the quickest customer experience. It was also fun to have some options that we knew scammers would run away when faced. A lot of the other platforms we found only provided one speciality to prevent fraud. Even thought Trust Swiftly might not excel at one verification we found that bringing in multiple verifications resulted in the best bang for our buck. It allowed our team to experiment with what worked best for our business. We learned some interesting trends with our fraud and worked with Trust Swiftly to even added a new verification that stopped malware fraud dead in the tracks.


Their ID verification isn't always completely automated to verify each case. There can be some issues with our customer having low quality images or the format different than what they expect. Trust Swiftly worked on trying to make it more automated but we do have some oversight on it anyways as we can't afford any false positives. So if you are looking for a battle tested ID only solution then I would include some spots checks to make sure all is working well. The other part is just getting used to all the different verifications methods. It's a lot to take in at once and took our analysts required training to adjust to what to use. If you are using machine learning then you can get running faster with a bigger dataset but since this was a new tool we again wanted to monitor it closely. They could provide better training around how to use the product as we relied mostly on their team for initial setup. They appeared on the smaller side so they didn't have the full hand holding sales support. Lastly, the implementation wasn't completely smooth for our developers. They had to involve their engineers to get some settings working. However now that it's up and running its been stable.

Vendor Response

Thank you for the review we are constantly improving our product so every bit of advice helps. We hope to release a new update that should resolve many bugs. We love helping great companies like yours go forward without declining signups so you can focus on growing sales and delighting customers!

Replied May 2021