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Coveo Relevance Cloud

Coveo Relevance Cloud is an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled solution that helps businesses across finance, manufacturing, telecommunications and other industries manage enterprise search and customer service operations. The a...Read more about Coveo Relevance Cloud

4.00 (3 reviews)


Stravito is a knowledge management solution that helps businesses capture and store research and company insights data in a centralized repository. The application allows administrators to categorize content, create operations-rel...Read more about Stravito

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Sharpr is a knowledge management platform that helps businesses capture and store information about market and competitive intelligence insights in a centralized repository. Employees can use the application to search and share co...Read more about Sharpr

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Sinequa is a cloud-based enterprise search platform, which helps large organizations across healthcare, finance, manufacturing and government sectors discover and collect relevant information and insights from a variety of sources...Read more about Sinequa

4.00 (1 reviews)

Mindbreeze InSpire

Mindbreeze InSpire is a cloud-based insights management solution that helps enterprises capture, organize and store details about staff, operations, and clients from multiple data sources and provide access to employees and custom...Read more about Mindbreeze InSpire

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Squirro is an insight engine software designed to help businesses in the insurance, finance, marketing, manufacturing, IT and other sectors analyze multiple data sources to gain insights into contextualized insights. The platform ...Read more about Squirro

5.00 (1 reviews)

Market Logic

Market Logic is a knowledge management solution that helps businesses in finance, CPG, retail, healthcare and other industries generate insights across operational strategies, innovation, marketing and sales processes. It enables ...Read more about Market Logic

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SearchBlox is an insights engine software designed to help businesses in the government, finance and healthcare sectors search and analyze complex data across websites, intranets, emails and social media platforms. The solution en...Read more about SearchBlox

4.50 (2 reviews)

Alfresco Digital Business Platform

The Alfresco Digital Business Platform is a leading enterprise content management platform that merges content (from documents, email, web pages, social networks and more) with business processes. Designed to support rapid digital...Read more about Alfresco Digital Business Platform

4.05 (22 reviews)

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Elastic Stack

Built on a foundation of free and open, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, and Beats pave the way for diverse use cases that start with logging and span as far as your imagination takes you. Elastic features like machine learning, s...Read more about Elastic Stack

4.65 (65 reviews)

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Lucidworks Fusion

Lucidworks Fusion is a cloud-based solution designed to help IT teams manage data discovery through natural language processing (NLP), query intent classification, information clustering and ranking algorithms. Key features includ...Read more about Lucidworks Fusion

4.00 (1 reviews)


Funnelback is a cloud-based software that helps businesses leverage machine learning algorithms to conduct website searches and retrieve personalized results. Professionals can use the dashboard to view recurring search trends and...Read more about Funnelback

4.00 (1 reviews)


FullStory is a web-based digital intelligence system that helps optimize the client experience. It enables users to track and monitor each customer activity. From clicks to page transitions, everything is indexed automatically. Th...Read more about FullStory

4.58 (65 reviews)

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iFinder is a company-wide search platform that provides employees with tools to retrieve data and documents more quickly. Using artificial intelligence technology, machine learning capabilities and advanced linguistics, the applic...Read more about iFinder

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Cronycle is content curation, collaboration, distribution and sharing tool designed to assist businesses with research and content discovery, made with recommended sources such as related topics, RSS and experts on Twitter. Users ...Read more about Cronycle

4.71 (14 reviews)


Intelligence2day® is an AI-based insight engine that allows organizations to automatically collect, discover, organize, analyze and share information on the market and competitive landscape such as customers, competitors, products...Read more about Intelligence2day

4.50 (8 reviews)

Big Zeta

Big Zeta is a provider of B2B digital products designed by engineers for technical buyers. With products and services to optimize website keywords and parametric search, the platform increases customer engagement and addresses key...Read more about Big Zeta

5.00 (1 reviews)

Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics 360 is an enterprise-level analytics platform with in-depth performance indicators, such as ROI analysis reports. The app's primary function is to provide insights into customer behavior interactions with websites...Read more about Google Analytics 360

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Datawalt is a company that provides Business Intelligence services through a platform called W-Suite, generating reports that are updated automatically and as often as you need. We connect to the different databases of your organi...Read more about Datawalt

5.00 (2 reviews)


Omnisearch is a SaaS search product for businesses, helping them make all the content on the sites searchable. Unlike traditional search solutions which focus on the text, Omnisearch makes all the site content searchable, includin...Read more about Omnisearch

5.00 (3 reviews)