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Amazon ElastiCache is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses utilizing Redis and Memcached to manage internet-based web and mobile applications in gaming, eCommerce, healthcare, ad-tech, financial services and IoT industry. The auto-discovery functionality lets users connect an application to a single Memcached cluster endpoint to receive configuration details about other nodes. Amazon ElastiCache enables staff members to generate usage metrics, track application trends and adjust cluster configuration. It lets employees optimize the availability and manageability of open-source Redis via intelligent swap memory management, automatic write throttling and failover enhancements. Additionally, it allows team members to handle secure internode communication and m...

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Amazon ElastiCache offers a free trial after which the software is available on usage-based subscriptions. Contact Amazon Web Services for more details.

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April 2022

Fast and In Memory System

Adding elasticache service to your infrastructure is quite simple. Because it is compatible with Redis and Memcached, ElastiCache is extensively used, and you don't need to do anything extra to utilize it. ElastiCache is likely to be a drop-in replacement for Memcached if you already use it. You may still need to operate your own Redis/Memcached clusters for some of the more complex installations, though. It is amazing and improve the response time of the application vastly. Its highly recommended and it is integrated with cloud watch which is a plus and it is very easy for us to create alerts.


- Fully managed Redis and Memecached services on the cloud. - Scalable, easy to scale reads with replicas. - Integrated with cloud watch, easy to create alerts. - Fast and Secure. - Very easy to manage via console. - Same price policy, pay for what you run or use.


So far there is nothing much to add here. Amazon Elasticache is simple, easy, cost effective.