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Finding software can be overwhelming. Software Advice has helped many businesses choose the right whistleblowing software to take timely actions on illegal activities or wrongdoings reported by employees

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incy.io | Whistleblowing

incy.io | Whistleblowing is a case management solution that helps businesses in hospitality, retail, logistics and other industries streamline incident reporting, investigation management, progress tracking and more on a centraliz... Read more


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ComplianceLine is a governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) management solution that helps businesses across healthcare, non-profit, insurance and other industries handle risk assessments, ensure compliance with industry regulation... Read more


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GlobaLeaks is a cloud-based open-source solution designed to help organizations establish a whistleblowing platform, enabling users to anonymously report issues related to harassment, fraud, theft, corruption or any unethical cond... Read more


Spot is a cloud-based whistleblowing solution designed to help businesses of all sizes create workflows to handle sensitive issues and streamline communication between employees and HR departments. Features include analytics, mess... Read more



OneTrust is a whistleblowing solution designed to help HR, ethics and legal teams manage code of conduct and compliance programs on a unified interface. The platform allows informants to anonymously report unethical or illegal inc... Read more



AllVoices is a whistleblowing solution designed to help businesses enable employees to anonymously report various issues related to workplace bullying, harassment, bias, and other incidents. Professionals can send pulse surveys to... Read more


Whistleblower Software

Whistleblower Software is a compliance and whistleblowing solution designed to help accountants and lawyers manage incidents pertaining to the violation of policies in a workplace. Administrators can request whistleblowers to shar... Read more



Whispli is a plug-and-play whistleblowing solution designed to help businesses engage with employees anonymously on issues related to compliance, human resources (HR) and other cases. Professionals can create automation based on r... Read more


ICO Whistleblowing

ICO Whistleblowing is a whistleblowing solution designed to help businesses in manufacturing, finance, government, and other sectors receive anonymous and confidential reports related to the wrongdoing act. Managers can receive re... Read more


Canary Whistleblowing System

Canary Whistleblowing System is a multilingual web-based solution that helps businesses streamline operations related to incident management, data retention, user confidentiality and more from within a centralized platform. It all... Read more



Ethicontrol is a whistleblowing solution designed to help SMEs facilitate and streamline anonymous communication with informers on a unified interface. The platform enables administrators to capture incident-related information vi... Read more


Suggestion Ox

Suggestion Ox is a cloud-based solution that helps organizations, associations and government agencies create, launch and manage online suggestion boxes. The platform enables employees and customers to anonymously provide feedback... Read more


Vault Platform

Vault Platform is a whistleblowing solution designed to help legal, compliance and HR professionals record, report and resolve unethical acts across workplaces. The GDPR solution enables employees to anonymously submit a report in... Read more



The simple, secure and easiest-to-install whistleblowing channel for small and medium enterprises. Create an anonymous whistleblowing channel to indentify problems inside organizations and comply with the law. A key element for ... Read more



Vispato is a modern, secure, and anonymous whistleblowing system that will protect your company from wrongdoing and help you stay compliant with the law. Vispato provides an anonymous way to communicate with stakeholders and emplo... Read more



MyComplianceManagement (MyCM) is a integrated system for managing compliance and misconduct reports coming from different sources such as hotline reports taken by ComplianceLine’s intake experts, from webforms, or phone texting, o... Read more


Buyers guide

Stricter regulations have made organizations reinforce their compliance policies and codes of conduct. A well-structured whistleblowing program supports this cause by giving users a channel through which they can call the attention to any wrongdoing. A whistleblowing software tool pushes the agenda a bit further by allowing to maintain the objectivity of such programs.

The software empowers employees and stakeholders to raise their voices against any illegal act while being completely anonymous. This is very important in building the confidence that any diligent move will not be rewarded with retaliation. Consequently, this ensures that organizations don’t miss out on any harmful acts that can potentially turn disastrous if left unchecked or unresolved.

This buyers guide will go deeper into the subject and discuss what exactly such a software tool is and what are its common features and benefits.

Here’s what we'll cover:

What is whistleblowing software?

Whistleblowing software, also known as whistleblowing helpline, hotline, or case management solution is a tool that allows employees and others (suppliers, customers, and the general public) to report complaints, misconduct, or violations of laws confidentially and anonymously.

Firms can purchase whistleblowing software as a standalone system or as a part of compliance management software.

Reporting/analytics feature in NAVEX Global Software

Reporting/analytics feature in NAVEX Global Software (Source)

Common features of whistleblowing software

The exact features vary depending on the product but most whistleblowing systems generally have the following overlapping features.

Anonymous feedback

Allow employees and reviewers to give honest feedback without disclosing their identity.

Case management

Investigate the reported issue, determine the proper course of action by having anonymous communication with the whistleblower, and implement changes such as new controls, discipline, and regulations.

Incident reporting

Report and update all incidents that occur on a job. This prompts organizations to take immediate action for resolution.

Compliance management

Identify violations in a service, product, process, or employee behavior to ensure compliance with industry and security standards.

Process/workflow automation

Design process paths and apply the logic to enable automatic creation of future processes and workflows for reporting violations.


Provide a dashboard with statistics, current tasks, and cases to identify policy breaches and ethical wrongdoings that can affect the organization.

Access controls/permissions

Structure and control who can see reports and what information they can view to protect confidential documents from leaking.

Automated routing

Assign tickets to specific agents based on predefined rules. It helps streamline the whistleblowing process (from intake to investigation to case closure).

Customizable branding

Include logos and custom fields in the interface to reflect the company.

Multi-language support

Recognize and support multiple languages/dialects.

Real-time chat

Engage in direct and instant messaging with users to address issues and guide them to corrective measures.

What type of buyer are you?

Before purchasing a solution, you should assess what kind of a buyer you are. The majority of buyers fall into these categories:

Small and midsize enterprises (up to 500 employees): These buyers typically don’t have a large budget, which restricts them to focus primarily on systems critical to their operations. However, a whistleblowing system can prove beneficial since it encourages prompt reporting of any wrongdoing. This may help avoid or minimize financial ramifications that could otherwise strain an already limited operational budget. Trying out free versions to gauge the value of a whistleblowing tool is a good bet for these buyers. Once convinced, they should look for low-cost options that provide easy configuration and are quick to implement.

Large enterprises (more than 500 employees): The greater number of people and processes at larger organizations means that the chances of wrongdoings, even if accidental or unintentional, are higher. And the likelihood of a bigger budget means that such buyers can look for a contingency system in the form of a whistleblowing tool to contain situations. A fully-featured whistleblowing system is highly recommended for buyers in this segment. Additionally, it’s advised that they have a well-defined process for responding to and managing whistleblowing complaints.

Benefits of whistleblowing software

Below is a comprehensive list of benefits you can expect from deploying whistleblowing software:

Information passed is secured: Whistleblowing software allows users to report and pass information about any fraudulent activity anonymously and securely. This helps in detecting compliance violations without leaking the information to external sources. As a result, it minimizes reputational damages.

Efficient handling of cases: The software lets the administration and compliance team handle each case with sensitivity and correctly by guiding them through appropriate steps and legal considerations.

Helps build trust with employees: The whistleblowing system lets whistleblowers maintain their anonymity. This builds trust amongst employees knowing that they can raise their voice against wrongdoings without fearing any retaliation.

Market trend to understand

Here’s a recent trend in the whistleblowing software market that you should be aware of.

Whistleblowing solutions will enable users to report incidents via mobile phones: Mobile plays a crucial role in the day-to-day activities of almost everybody. From everyday communications to gathering or disseminating information, this platform has become pervasive. This trend carries over to workspaces too. Individuals now expect the same level of mobile capability in their work applications. Consequently, it will be common to see whistleblowing solutions enabling users to report incidents from anywhere using their mobile devices. This will make incident reporting near real time and allow organizations to respond more promptly.

Note: The applications selected in this article are examples to show a feature in context and are not intended as endorsements or recommendations. They have been obtained from sources believed to be reliable at the time of publication.