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E-Data Now! is cloud-based audit management software suitable for businesses of all sizes and multiple industries such as manufacturing, automotive and construction. The software features audit planning and scheduling, audit performance management and validation, a variety of audit questions, email notifications, audit reports and offline editing.

E-Data Now! supports various audit types, such as compliance audits, customer complaint investigations, complaint audits, PPAP validation, material certification and more. Audit question types include control charts, value-based pass-fail, tolerance, value comparison, signature-based, and camera capture.

Audit tasks can be assigned to staff directly using the scheduling tool. The time management tool allows users to check audit performance by tracking the hourly rate of inspections. Issues can be reported directly from work sites and trigger automatic email notifications.

E-Data Now! is designed to work with mobile and desktop devices.


E-Data Now! - Part verification
  • E-Data Now! - Part verification
    Part verification
  • E-Data Now! - Control chart
    Control chart
  • E-Data Now! - Part tracking
    Part tracking
  • E-Data Now! - Mobile view
    Mobile view
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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