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Sifter is a cloud-based bug and issue tracking solution designed for large and midsize businesses. It offers backlog management, issue tracking, ticket management and release management within a suite.

Sifter allows users to include screenshots when submitting issue tickets, and tickets can be submitted through the app or via email. Users can also add attributes to ticket requests such as assignee, milestone and category. These tickets can be tagged with different levels of importance such as critical, high, normal, low and trivial to help prioritize issues.

Sifter’s text search functionality can search in the subject, description and comments of a ticket to locate a specific issue. It integrates with software and services such as GitHub, Beanstalk and Bitbucket, which enables programmers to collaborate on their coding work.

A support documentation library is available. Sifter is available for purchase with a tiered monthly subscription.


Sifter - Issue attributes
  • Sifter - Issue attributes
    Issue attributes
  • Sifter - Ticket submission
    Ticket submission
  • Sifter - Project list
    Project list
  • Sifter - List of issues
    List of issues
  • Sifter - Track milestones
    Track milestones
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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