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Igloo is a cloud-based collaboration platform for small and midsize organizations that helps users connect stakeholders and create collaborative environments for their employees.

This solution helps initiate discussions, share ideas and manage content within a centralized location.

Igloo is a modular solution that offers features such as communication management, knowledge management and workflow management. It supports knowledge sharing that helps in building connections.

Igloo’s team space feature helps introduce new employees to teams, allowing them to become familiar with people on the floor and with their projects.

With Igloo, users can author, edit, publish and add comments to reports. The solution allows employees to create their profiles and update their information with qualifications, abilities, skills, hobbies and more.

An overhead notification bar tracks tasks assigned to an individual and generates alerts for tasks nearing the deadline. The solution offers a version-controlling feature to display the latest version of the document on the preview page.


Igloo - Home page
  • Igloo - Home page
    Home page
  • Igloo - Collaborate with teams
    Collaborate with teams
  • Igloo - Corporate blog
    Corporate blog
  • Igloo - Knowledge management
    Knowledge management
  • Igloo - Workflow notifications
    Workflow notifications
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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