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New York People Solution (NYPS Tech) is a leading provider of enterprise planning software for the apparel and footwear industry. At the core of their solution is the FashionFlow Apparel ERP system, which supports all the business functions and needs of an apparel-specific company. FashionFlow is scalable - it can handle the robust needs of a large manufacturer or distributor, as well as manage simple boutique operations. 

Built on the latest version of the Microsoft SQL Server, FashionFlow’s accounting modules are an integral part of the system. There’s no need for double entry, and it automatically notices if anything is off balance in the general ledger. Product lifecycle management allow users to track production and delivery, ensuring that products are always on-time. FashionFlow’s WMS guarantees accuracy and efficiency when users have greater visibility over goods. Beyond that, FashionFlow manages distribution, production, and reporting.

FashionFlow comes with more than just advanced functionality, it also offers key benefits and features specific to the apparel industry. Product and EDI shipping labels are supplied by module. PrePack EDI can be adjusted according to size and color, or can be shipped in multi packs. Sample tracking manages sign out, location, and return of product samples. On the backend, FashionFlow integrates with popular 3rd party POS and eCommerce solutions.   

NYPS Tech has been delivering powerful ERP solutions to the footwear and apparel industry since 2009. Custom implementation services are available to define what best fits a businesses needs. Because of it’s flexibility, we find FashionFlow to be a great fit for any size wholesaler or distributor. 



FashionFlow Apparel ERP - Bill of lading
  • FashionFlow Apparel ERP - Bill of lading
    Bill of lading
  • FashionFlow Apparel ERP - Company dashboard
    Company dashboard
  • FashionFlow Apparel ERP - Material details
    Material details
  • FashionFlow Apparel ERP - Product detail
    Product detail
  • FashionFlow Apparel ERP - Accounting details
    Accounting details
  • FashionFlow Apparel ERP - Sales order
    Sales order
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Windows 2000

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September 2013

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